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Contest ideas to drive likes on your Facebook page

One of the key elements of the social networking realm, Facebook provides many additional benefits for property owners as well as boosting the power of communication. Thanks to the contests that make your Facebook page more entertaining for the guests that follow you on social media, you can both promote your property and enhance your communication with your guests.

The contests that you organize on the biggest social network of the world include the element of excitement, which will help you drive Facebook likes and shares.

What kind of contests can you organize on Facebook? Here are some tips from HotelRunner that might work very well for you.Contest ideas to drive likes on your Facebook page

Guessing Games

You can ask questions related to the activities or services offered by your hotel. For instance, it can be interesting to ask how many breakfast plates are consumed or how many cups of coffee are drunk on a daily average. You can use Facebook again to announce when the results of the contest will be posted. This will be another reason for your guests to follow you on Facebook. And you can reward the winners with a free-of-charge breakfast or, let’s say, with a custom designed cup that will remind them of your hotel.

Attractions around the property

The reason why your guests prefer your property does not only have to do with its features. The historical or touristic attractions around it or even a large shopping mall can lead your guests to prefer your property. That’s why you should expand your scope of your contests beyond your property, asking about the statues in the museum located in your city, for instance, or the name of the closest restaurant to your hotel. This time, the reward can be a free-of-charge ticket to see the surrounding historical attractions or a discount-dinner at a local restaurant.

Menu contests

There is no doubt that the meals you offer is one of the reasons your guests prefer your hotel. You can introduce your rich menu to your potential guests by asking questions about your menu, and  enrich your menu by figuring out their expectations based on their answers . A free-of-charge dinner at the a la carte restaurant in your property can be a good reward for the winners.

Predicting the number of your guests

You already know the number of people who have visited your property since it has opened, but do you think your followers on Facebook also know that? You can ask this question and tell them to guess this number. If you have not recently gone into business, the answer will not only be surprising, but also be impressing for many of your guests. While your question can be based on your date of ­establishment, you can also derive questions based on the previous year or even previous week.

And the others…

Usually, general knowledge contests are the most popular of all contests. Participation will be higher if the contest includes general knowledge questions related to recent events and discussions. Another idea is using photos in the contests. Preparing a contest based on the photos of your property or its surrounding can increase the rate of sharing as well. Also, if you organize contests requesting your guests to share your property’s photos they took, more people will be informed about your Facebook page.

It is in your hands to turn your Facebook page into a more attractive platform for your followers. Thanks to the contests you organize, you can promote your property as well as ensuring your guests to follow you on a different channel. HotelRunner provides you with everything necessary for this channel and even more so that you can access more guests. All you need to do is to visit our website and create your account.

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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