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Create more impressive videos for your property in 3 steps

In our era, innumerable properties use videos as a promotion and marketing tool. There are various options from cell phone shootings to air shootings with drone to do this. Some properties prefer traditional methods, while some others prefer working with professionals and using expensive equipment. Videos and social video platforms are becoming increasingly popular in the accommodation industry.

The main reason for promotional videos in the accommodation industry is to create that feeling of “being there” in a stronger way for viewers. Videos are also quite effective for sharing and receiving comments and likes. Since images are very important, using videos helps properties exhibit their features. You can also take advantage of video marketing for your property and attract potential guests by sharing on social video platforms.

Here are 3 tips that will guide you in making introductory videos and marketing your property.

1- Highlight your distinguishing aspects

“What are the features that distinguish you from others?” Your answer to this has a major role in determining the main message of your video. For example, if you claim to impress with your food, you can prefer highlighting the restaurant part in your videos. Or you can feature your family areas and advantages for families with children. Natural and cultural attractions around your property can be also effective video materials.

2- Expand involvement in your videos

Remember that your property’s staff members and guests comprise a whole together. Potential guests are known to consider other users’ opinions when making preliminary research about a property. To turn this into an advantage, you can feature your interviews with your guests on your website and social media accounts. You can ask their favorite things about your property or ask them to share the most joyful experiences in their holiday. You can also prepare a video showing the talents of your staff members or short interviews with your seasonal employees.

3- Use the power of social networks

Once you are done with your videos, it is time to share them. You can increase your web site traffic by posting these videos on your website and your blog -if any-. Additionally, you can upload them on your accounts in popular social video networks and share them with your followers simultaneously. Preparing an introduction or asking a question to encourage users to comment can be effective when sharing. An interesting video has the potential to get viral in a short time and submit your message to an audience larger than you can imagine.

Accommodation properties boost their marketing power on the Internet by using social video networks. Potential guests can experience your services through the videos you prepare. You can also gain intense traffic to your website in a short time by tapping into online video marketing activities. Helping you access more customers globally with its social media promotion and online marketing tools, HotelRunner enables you to increase your bookings by managing your sales channels effectively. Join the HotelRunner family to benefit from our services by creating your account now.

Cihan Coşkuntuncel

Director of Sales and Business Development

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