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Data to help you benefit more from TripAdvisor for your property’s promotion

Featuring touristic properties from all over the world and user comments about accommodation alternatives, TripAdvisor is a prominent website in its field. With TripAdvisor, which announced its metasearch feature last year, each day numerous users search properties and plan travels through this platform. According to studies, 29 percent of users use this platform a few times in a month; 12 percent use it once a week; and 26 percent use it several times a week regularly.

The market research company PhoCusWright reveals striking statistics as to the use of TripAdvisor in planning travels, based on the results of a survey it carried out with about 12 thousand users.

Here is the data to help you benefit more from TripAdvisor for property promotion.

Why to use it

80 percent of participants point that TripAdvisor comments help them feel more secure about their accommodation and travel decisions as well as contribute to their planning process. 77 percent of participants use TripAdvisor when deciding which hotel to stay at; 50 percent to decide which restaurants to choose; 44 percent to decide on activities. User comments have an impact on the decision making process.

The effect of comments

This study reveals that comments have a great impact on users. Accordingly, 53 percent of respondents indicate that they do not book from a hotel that has no user comments. 73 percent check photos posted by other users. Finally, 65 percent of users prefer award-winning properties when booking.

The number of comments

How many comments on average affect the users when deciding which property to stay at? According to the study, 6-12 comments are enough for 80 percent of users. Generally the newest comments are taken into consideration in the decision process. 20 percent of users searching restaurants or local businesses read over 11 comments in average. About 30 percent of users do not visit restaurants that received no comments.

Why do users comment?

74 percent say: “I comment since I think it is important to provide useful information for other users.” It is found out that 70 percent state that they wish to share a positive experience with other users.

The impact of feedbacks on bookings

Those commenting on TripAdvisor can sometimes share their dissatisfactory experiences about a property. In such cases, users’ opinions can be turned into positive with an explanatory or apologizing response by the property’s management. According to PhoCusWright’s analysis, 87 percent of users can change their opinions upon appropriate responses to their complaints. On the other hand, 70 percent state that aggressively-prepared responses have a negative effect. 62 percent state that they are encouraged to book after seeing the positive responses of properties.

The results of the research reveals especially how significant users comments on TripAdvisor are. You can also consider being present on this channel to communicate with your potential guests. You can attract more traffic to your property’s website and increase your bookings by enhancing your presence on such sites. You can start accepting bookings as soon as your website is created with HotelRunner which allows you to manage all your sales and booking channels through a single inventory. Create your account now to see the privileges offered by HotelRunner.

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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