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Do you need a blog for your hotel?

There are two priorities for hotels: Selling more rooms and selling them directly, i.e. without intermediaries. Higher profit margins achieved through direct room sales is the dream of every hotel runner. Can we say, though, that hotel runners are doing what it takes to achieve this?

Majority of hotel runners are striving for achieving more direct sales. However, only a few recognize use of Internet as the most practical and low-cost way of direct sales. Unless you pay enough attention to your hotel’s website or encourage people to visit your website, your online sales would be always stuck with a certain level.

A blog for your hotel would be the most efficient way to attract more visitors to your website and, even better, encourage them to book online via your website.

Get started by accepting that a website today is more than a simple hotel brochure. In our age, your website has become the most influential tool for marketing your hotel. And what you need is a blog to make the most of your website.

Search engines like blogs

A blog means regularly enriching your website with original and up-to-date content. What search engines like is exactly those websites with such features. Therefore, a blog for your website would play a significant role in helping you rank higher on Google and other search engines.

Give visitors a reason to visit your website again

Once they visit your website for the first time, potential guests could of course find various items of content that would draw their attention. They could have a look at the pictures of the rooms or menus of the restaurants but, eventually, they would leave the website. In absence of a continuously updated section on your website, visitors would have no reason to turn back. However, if you feed your website with interesting blog articles, potential guests could regularly visit your website, making it likely to increase online bookings.

Support for social media marketing

If you’re a user of social media marketing for your hotel (and you should be!), a blog about your hotel would be a valuable source of sharing content. By sharing your articles on your blog and on your social media accounts, you can also enrich your content on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter while facilitating faster traffic from social media to your blog.

One of your key players for marketing your hotel, your blog contributes to your attempts for a higher number of direct sales. However, you will need more than that while selling online. HotelRunner provides you with all the features you might need to increase your direct online sales. Why don’t you create a HotelRunner account  to manage your hotel practically and start increasing your sales immediately?

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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