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Does your mobile website comply with Google standards?

Today, when online access via mobile devices has become widespread, people use their smartphones to carry out many transactions which they used to perform only through their computers. As you can guess, these transactions include hotel reservations…

Therefore, if mobile access to your website is not healthy, this means that you are losing a serious number of potential customers to your competitors. You should be aware; however, that mobile accessibility of your website is not enough on its own. Your mobile website should also comply with Google standards. This is because Google is lowering search ranks of the websites incapable of offering a quality mobile version, to punish them, so to speak.

Here is what you should pay attention to ensure that your mobile website appears in search results at the rank it deserves…

If the websites accessed from mobile devices by using this new application, which Google recently activated, fail to demonstrate high performance in devices, they are listed in lower ranks of Google search results regardless of how successful their SEOs are. Google, in doing this, aims to ensure that the websites offer the best experience to all visitors accessing from different devices.

Here are some key points that you should consider in order to perform well…

Loading Speed

Above all, your website should load as fast in mobile devices as it does in desktops. Websites with low mobile loading speeds are given negative points by Google.


Besides that; the iOS devices like iPhone and iPad do not support the popular Flash content in websites, as you already know. As for other mobile devices, Flash is hardly a well-performing application. Therefore, if you are using Flash content in your websites, such as banners or image galleries, that means you get another negative point from Google.

Non-supported multimedia formats

Your website may include video or music files. It is fine if these are formats compatible with mobile devices. But Google does not overlook if smartphones fail to execute these files and punishes the websites with mobile-incompatible content in Google search results.

These are some key points that Google pays great attention regarding mobile websites. However, you should take more heed of the visitor appreciation than you do Google’s assessments, as should be the case in any other topic. If your website is loading slowly, has content in mobile-incompatible format or is unable to process online reservation from smartphones, the sentence will be handed down from your disappointed potential customers anyway, well before Google does. If you want to ensure your website displays in the best way across all mobile devices and appears at highest ranks in search results, hence improve online sales, click to create your HotelRunner account right away and allocate for management of your property the time you will otherwise spend worrying about all these problems.

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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