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Does your property’s website colors affect your customers?

The colors on a website are quite important for companies marketing on the Internet. The case is even more sensitive for organizations addressing a large group of people with different tastes. Whether your potential customers will be interested in your website depends totally on the colors you choose.

It has been proven sociologically, psychologically and conceptually that colors are a significant agent stimulating customer drive to purchase. In light of this, you should pay attention to the color pallete of your website to every single detail, which is also agreed by scientists.

What should you consider when choosing the colors to use when promoting your property? The marketing impact of colors and what they express are explained here, courtesy of HotelRunner.

Choose your color from the color scale

Many websites aim to reach more people with their choice of color and direct their potential customers to consumption. Research shows that the percentage of online-consuming customers who believe that color matters is high. In a nutshell, the memorability of a brand is affected by colors.

The relation between colors and purchases

It is a good idea to anticipate what the colors you will use mean for your customers when designing your website and organizing your property’s images. You can lead your customers to booking just by using colors. To do so, you better first learn the meaning of colors in terms of marketing.

Which color, which industry, which service?

The impact of colors in website design, particularly for online sales and marketing, varies across industries. Which color expresses what?

Red: It is defined as an aggressive, eye-catching, dynamic and vigorous color. Accordingly, this color has been identified to be more widely used in e-trade businesses for food, motor vehicles etc. industries. You may consider this color for your property’s introductory pages for food & beverage and car rental services.

Blue: It is known as a color that represents reliability, concentration, silence, strength and responsibility. It is quite ideal for your property if it has facilities like SPA, swimming pool, Turkish bath and other similar health services.

Green: Representing wealth, health, naturalness and prestige, green can be used when introducing rooms and areas where your customers will use to relax and spend a long time in.

Black: Representing prestige, luxury and value, black is not recommended that much by color specialists when it comes to tourism. However, it may be an alternative choice of color for the promotional pages of a luxurious ballroom, if you have one.

Avoid Facebook syndrome!

Have you ever wondered why Facebook is blue? This has been recently asked to Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook. While everyone was expecting a commercially-reasonable justification, he actually said that he sees blue best as he is color blind. Some sites might have chosen their corporate colors a bit coincidentally. However, many brands and websites decide on what colors to use after a series of studies and benefit from the research.

You can determine the layout of your website by getting inspired from the colors used by brands in their logos or websites depending on the impact you want to create on your customers.

The advanced features offered by HotelRunner and the peerless support it gives will always stand by you in the face of challenges lying ahead in the digital world. HotelRunner is always there for you to create elegant and customizable websites as well as getting started with direct online sales.

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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