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Do’s and don’ts for your hotel promotion activities

In our era, hotel management requires not only paying attention to the establishment, design and staffing of a property, but also enhancing its effectiveness.

We are in an era when companies continue to exist not only through their own website, but also through online agencies, social media pages and blogs and target larger groups of people. Therefore, you need to build a plan that covers different digital channels to increase your hotel’s recognition.

Each day, we get to know Internet tools facilitating jobs of teams responsible for digital promotional works. They help us control digital platforms. As HotelRunner, we have discussed things you should and shouldn’t do in activities such as online marketing, social media, e-mail marketing.

Things to do as part of promotional activities

Being an environment-friendly business

First of all, demonstrating -through related posts- that you are an environmentally-conscious business and do not operate on a business-only mindset may distinguish you from other businesses. It is known that eco-friendly businesses stand out starkly, particularly in international operations. You can also show that you are a business that cares about recycling, nature and the ecosystem, and cover this mater in your website.

A user-oriented website

For the first impression, it is critical for your company’s website to be up-to-date and user-friendly. How professional your website is and how useful its content also show that you care about your hotel and  professionalism as much as you care about your potential guests.

E-mail marketing

You can benefit from e-mail marketing to reach your target audience. At this point, your e-mail content should be as short and clear as possible. You should ensure that users are not bored as they read your e-mail and are compelled by the content. To achieve this, you should make sure to keep the content short. Also, it might be useful to send a “Welcome” e-mail to thank users signing up your e-newsletter listing for their interest and registration.

Blog articles

Another important detail is to prepare blog posts covering the activities in your property and advantages of staying in your place, and update these posts frequently. This way, you can create an impression of things you offer and do for your customers to provide new vacation experiences for them. You can also offer useful information for your customers who will go on a holiday, thus show that you are a quality and professional business.

Things to avoid as part of promotional activities

Using the same images

Using the same or similar images on your website multiple times might create a negative impression vis-à-vis your site’s visitors. So, you can get support from professional teams for the quality and diversity of images, protecting your brand image. If you are not ready for this or couldn’t build professional team you planned, you can take the advantage of stock image sites to diversify images on your blog.

Complex expressions

Complex e-mails or social media posts are among the things you should avoid when conducting digital promotional activities. You should also avoid content that will tire the reader, errors that will make the sentence meaningless, and in particular basic grammatical errors.

Purchasing followers

Purchasing followers on social media might not be a good way to increase your brand recognition as you think. If discovered, this might damage the trust you built for your property.

Ignoring negative criticism

If you ignore, remove or leave unanswered the negative criticism on digital channels, you may lose your advantages. In such cases, you should turn negativity into advantage by writing comments that show you care about these reactions and will compansate them.

Incorrect hashtags

You should make sure to not prefer impractical hashtags that have nothing to do with your hotel or the industry. Too lengthy or complex hashtags will cancel out the impact of your social media posts.

Raising expectations

If you promise more than you could in your images and contents you share on your website and social media, your guests might be disappointed. For example, if you brag about how successful and ambitious you are in your water sports but try to satisfy them only with a pedalo service, your image might be damaged.

You can reap more effective results by considering the tips we shared for your digital marketing activities. As HotelRunner, we aim to take your property steps ahead, and try to share the tips that will distinguish you from your rivals. If you would like to, you can visit our website and create your account now, so you can become online within seconds and enjoy all our offers that will contribute to your property in competing.

Cihan Coşkuntuncel

Director of Sales and Business Development

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