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Enhance your online agency’s visibility on social media via hashtags

Social media has become a significant marketing channel for all businesses today. In our era, innumerable businesses from all over the world use social media to introduce their business and brand as well as communicate with their potential guests.

This leads the brands to compete with each other on social media.  In particular, the messages of companies operating in a similar area might be less visible if they are present on the same social network targeting the same audience.

However, social media provides you with a solution for this. Hashtags. What is a hashtag and how can it contribute to your online agency’s visibility on social media?

What is a hashtag?

Deployed on Twitter for the first time, hashtags, with the most basic definition, allow a word to become clickable when the mark # is added before it. Hashtags have been adopted by a wide range of social networks such as Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram and are used to bring together brands or subjects in an easier way today.

For example, when the hashtag #istanbul is clicked on, it is possible to see all the posts bearing this hashtag. In this respect, hashtags function as a sort of tag. So, they make it much easier for users to determine the category of articles and messages.

You can use this feature as a marketing technique effectively. Hashtags have the ability to introduce you to many users you may have not accessed yet. However, you need to consider a couple of issues for your hashtag efforts.

Choosing the right hashtag

You have two options when using a hashtag. You can either use an existing hashtag which is already included in the posts by other users or you can create your own hashtag. If you are new to using a hashtag, you better first take a look at the hashtags created by other users. Among these hashtags, you can prefer using those related to your business and industry.

For instance, hashtags related to some destinations can be helpful for agencies. If you want to promote your tours organized in destinations within the Mediterranean Region, using the #Mediterranean hashtag will be a smart choice.

You can also add your own hashtags

As an alternative to the existing hashtags, you can use the hashtags you have created yourself even if they have not been used by anyone yet. Hashtags including your brand name or hashtags like #AkdenizHoliday, which deliver your message to your target audience directly, can be effective in this respect. In any case, you better avoid using a large number of hashtags in a post. Whether it is an existing hashtag or a hashtag you will create yourself, it is recommended to limit your hashtags in a post to 1 or 2.

Be patient with the results

If a hashtag in your messages is not shared by other users as opposed to your expectation, do not give up too soon. The number of shares and your hashtag gaining popularity might take some time. If you think you have come up with an original hashtag, you better keep using it for a long period of time.

The same hashtag across different social networks

If you use the same hashtag you use on Twitter on other social networks like Facebook, Google + or Instagram, it will be effective both in terms of increasing the total effect of this effort and adopting a consistent marketing approach.

This method has become even more popular as the number of social networks supporting the use of hashtags have increased and the companies set to be ahead of the competition by this method have taken advantage of this. You can also make use of hashtags to enhance the efficiency of social media and your visibility on social media channels. HotelRunner, your biggest supporter, is always there for your online agency to access a larger target audience and increase your online sales. Get started with HotelRunner now without losing any time and immediately start using the facilities it offers for you.

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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