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Facebook marketing for accommodation industry

Today, more than 1 billion people in the world use Facebook actively on a monthly basis. In terms of the number of users, Facebook has globally become by far the most popular social network site. Users connect with their friends and acquaintances on Facebook, play games and exchange information. Moreover, this social network also offers Facebook users another important function: Interaction with the brands they are interested in…

Almost half of all the Internet users regularly visit and spend considerable time each month on Facebook, a social network which offers enterprises a unique chance to access their customers and establish a communication with them. Social business lines, the accommodation industry particularly, benefit from Facebook as its effect on customers is significantly high.

Let’s have a look at what Facebook, as a marketing channel, could offer your property and why this social network could be really important for you…

Your target group on Facebook

First of all, you need to know that your target group is also on Facebook, among more than 1 billion active users. You do not have the chance to find such a large group of users on another environment and to convey your message to them. Do not forget that you can communicate with most of your potential and current guests on Facebook, whatever the concept of your hotel is, and no matter who your target group is.

The chance to focus on your target group

It is true that the more large part of these 1 billion users is not included in your target group. Fortunately, Facebook offers a unique advantage for you to directly access your target group through ads: Targeted ads. While creating your ad campaign on Facebook, you can filter not only age and gender, but also geographical location, areas of interest and even the devices used to connect to Facebook. Therefore, your campaign can be displayed only by the target group you have determined, saving you time and money you would otherwise spend to reach other people.

The chance of personal communication

One sided communication, a major problem of traditional marketing methods, does not serve your purpose on social media. An ad you publish on a magazine only includes your message while your target group only evaluates a hardcopy. On Facebook, however, you convey your message and your marketing activity continues in the shape of personal communication. Part of the users like your marketing message, some comment on it and other even ask their questions. Once they have shown quite a lot of interest in your message, it would be a lot easier for you to turn those potential customers into real guests.

An all-time accessible target group

You can see more and more people in your target group like your property by effectively managing the page you create on Facebook. The more “likes” you receive for your page, the higher the number of people who could receive your message through Facebook marketing. From that point on, you can easily access these users repetitively with your messages, without any additional costs. The return on your messages would be especially higher as you convey your messages with users who have already liked your brand and shown their interest.

Facebook marketing has become a next-generation marketing tool for hotels. Moreover, HotelRunner also offers Facebook support, among its many other advantages such as management of your hotel and increase of your sales. Do not waste more time and sign up for HotelRunner  to see how much we can help you for marketing and sales of your property.

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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