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Featured articles in May on the HotelRunner blog

HotelRunner, the robust online sales and marketing platform offering all the hotel sales and marketing solutions you may need in a single package, continues to feature articles on its blog to broaden hoteliers’ horizon.

Throughout May, we have yet again focused on a large number of useful articles catering both to properties operating in the accommodation industry and to online travel agencies. Our blog features articles covering a wide range of topics, from increasing your sales through metasearches to room pricing tips.

Here are the most popular articles of the previous month on HotelRunner.

4 stages of building customer loyalty for online agencies

Is your property’s website self-doomed to failure?

Methods to increase your sales by utilizing metasearch even more

What do wellness travelers expect from your property?

How much does using keywords matter in search engine marketing?

Why do you have to use social media for your online agency?

What do your guests think about property assessments?

A comprehensive overview of the customer potential in Europe for online agencies

How to obtain high efficiency from your property’s staff

4 effective ways of increasing bookings for online agencies

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Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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