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How can content go viral?

Content marketing is among the most effective digital marketing methods you can utilize on your website or social media accounts to draw the attention of your potential guests. Enabling property managers to create and develop their own identity, content marketing is an effective, yet continuous process.

In some cases, however, it can show its effect in a much faster and more efficient way. A social media post or a blog article may reach high number of clicks and engagement rates shortly after it is posted. In other words, it can go viral.

How can content go viral? Moreover, what should you consider when creating viral content to promote your property?

Create content that can be skimmed

According to a study by Nielsen, users generally only read 20 percent of words or 28 percent of the texts at most on a webpage. Therefore, you should create ‘skimmable’ content , i.e., content that can be read fast.

People generally prefer ‘summarized information’ to read online, so ‘itemized content’ are uniquely attractive to online readers. Even those who find only a few of the items listed in, say, “10 things you shouldn’t do in holiday” may still share such articles on social media.

Show that they might miss an opportunity if they won’t read

Everyone may have behaviors they are used to, but want to quit now. For instance, the title “10 things you shouldn’t do on holiday” can lead people to read the article if they want to check which of them they do or don’t.

This is because the ‘fear of missing an opportunity’ can be evoked due the feeling of inadequacy in that particular area. Therefore, you might provide them with unique content that will lead them to think that they may miss an opportunity.

By the way, the latter one of the two titles, “10 things to do on holiday” and “10 things you shouldn’t do on holiday”, which contains words like “avoid”, “don’t” are usually more effective despite being negative.

Use share buttons

Share buttons have a significant power and it might damage virality of the content if left overlooked.

A recent study has revealed that contents with share button are posted 7 times more than those without that button. Therefore, you should create share buttons at least for Twitter and Facebook in the beginning, considering that most of the contents are generally spread through Twitter and Facebook.

Be attentive about the content length

Depth and details are the first things to notice about content that has gone viral. However, “length” is actually one of the key requirements for viral content.

The biggest challenge of lengthy articles may be to maintain the same content quality across the whole article. Therefore, we recommend you to ensure in itemized contents that the last item is written in the same quality as the first one.

Content marketing enables to create useful and interesting content for your property’s guests, communicate such content to them and spread it virally on social media. You will need an experienced and a reliable solution partner, like HotelRunner, not only in this, but also in all other matters related to increasing the occupancy rate of your property. Create your free-of-charge account now and benefit from the power of digital marketing when carrying your property to the Internet.

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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