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How can Instagram’s colorful nature benefit your agency?

Did you know that Instagram is a major marketplace for the tourism industry? Instagram is quite popular with its colorful environment where experiences are shared through photos. Therefore, it has an important potential for digital marketing. Thanks to this advantage, it’s a treasure for all kinds of sales and marketing activities.

If you still don’t know how to promote your online agency on this channel, you can check the examples published previously on Instagram. The marketing methods of agencies on Instagram can inspire you.

Now that online travel agencies also use this platform actively, how can one stand out on Instagram which is a visual social media platform?

Here are tips from HotelRunner for this.

Visuality is a major element of interaction

As even scientists confirm that visual perception creates rapid and memorable results, visual communication becomes more common each day. ‘Remarkable’ and ‘original’ visual content are more effective than written texts are. At this point, Instagram gives you one more advantage: It provides you with the equipment and methods to share an ordinary photo by adding some ‘impressive content’ and ‘emotions’ to it.

Promoting online agencies on Instagram

The secret of marketing on Instagram basically has to do with presenting true stories and photos. Instagram is not only a channel where you only share photos and videos with your target group, but it is also a marketplace where you share your agency’s character, personality and identity. The stories and photos you use there give you the chance to express that you understand them and connect with their tastes and preferences easily.

Improving the relationship between an agency and its customers

You may share all photos and videos about your agency on Instagram by creating entertaining, effective and eye-catching albums. You may add visual stories reflecting your corporate identity and culture and feature them in this colorful album.

For instance, you can share photos showing your team and customers and customers smiling and satisfied with your service as well as the events you organize. You can even share your office’s cat and turn all these into short visual stories. However, remember to particularly highlight customer experiences. Such posts will show their effect immediately if you share them often without repetition.

Interactive customer follow-up

On Instagram, follow the users with sales potential. For example, target the potential group that has been to a tour in a location where you sell tours to and comment on the posts they shared about this particular tour. Ask them questions to interact with them. For instance, By asking if they are satisfied with the tour they attended last year establish a connection with them.

Make sure to use hashtags suitable for your campaigns, events, property and tour locations. This way, you can access other users who are not following you and gain new followers. Some ‘well-chosen’ hashtags will help you achieve your goal. Avoid using too many hashtags in your messages though.

HotelRunner provides you with peerless options to move your agency to the Internet and promote it in the best channels. Create your HotelRunner account now and see what we can offer for you.

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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