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How can online comments benefit your property more?

It is a known fact that guest comments for properties on the Internet affect bookings. However, a recent study carried out by TripAdvisor in 2014 reveals that positive guest comments are one of the most important factors providing properties with higher revenues.

96 percent of international properties participating in the study state that positive guest comments affect new bookings. Although they are aware of this effect, only 64 percent of properties believe it to have a direct impact on sales, which reveals that properties lack what’s necessary things to turn positive feedback into sales and customer loyalty. Another striking result from the study is that property guests have difficulty in identifying their priorities.

As HotelRunner, we have compiled guest expectations, and how they might think differently from you do, to help you enhance customer satisfaction and positive feedback.

Price is the number one selling point

According to the study, 95 percent of guests state that price is the number one factor influencing their booking decisions. On the other hand, properties think that the price effect on bookings may only be 50 percent. You can also announce campaign and discount information during the booking transaction in order to turn this into an advantage.

Special offers attract

Although 44 percent of guests are affected by special offers while they are booking, properties think that special offers affect bookings by 4 percent. You can also promote your free-of-charge services on your website to take advantage of the positive effects of special offers.

The effect of positive experiences

86 percent of guests think that their previous positive experiences have an impact on booking. Properties state that the effect of positive experiences on repeat bookings is 33 percent, which shows that properties are not taking advantage of guests who stayed in their property previously in terms of repeat bookings and customer loyalty.

A guest can visit your property multiple times if you pay attention to their comments about your property which they post on social media or your websites or submit via e-mail. To achieve this, you can come up with tailored offers in the future by checking their preferred services, accommodation dates and analyzing the points they emphasize in their comments.

Free-of-charge services matter

According to the results of the survey, both properties and guests recognize the impact of free services like Wi-Fi and breakfast on bookings. Free-of-charge parking lot allocation has a 40-percent effect on guests’ preferences, while properties believe that it affects their booking decisions by 80 percent. Properties state that minibar has a 63-percent effect, while it has an impact on only 14 percent of guests.

The results of the study shows that guests think differently from properties before making a booking decision, and they are affected by services differently than from what properties assume. You can also enhance your property’s guest satisfaction by evaluating such studies and customer feedbacks, and keep your occupancy rate high by building guest loyalty.

HotelRunner can help you carry your property to the Internet in the easiest way by keeping customer satisfaction at the highest. Create your free-of-charge account immediately and start earning now.

Cihan Coşkuntuncel

Director of Sales and Business Development

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