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How can you add value to your property by providing tablets in your rooms?

There is a wide range of methods to enhance the overall satisfaction of guests in a property. Recently, there has been an increasingly popular practice to this end, which can have a higher potential than others to make difference. Maybe you have also heard about some properties providing tablets  for their guests to use during their stay. The benefits of this practice that can make a difference in this respect are not only limited to customer satisfaction.

Providing tablets for guest usage brings about significant advantages for hotels that might not be thought of at first: It facilitates room services and payment transactions as well as helping you follow customer habits closely, which are only a few of its benefits.

Here are some benefits tablets can provide for your hotel.

A different and interesting feature

Above all, making tablets available for guest usage is a good way to create a sense of differentiation about your property. As long as you promote it, it is an interesting service not only for your existing guests but also for your potential guests. A tablet can serve both as an Internet access tool and assistant for room services as well as a socializing tool through playing games and using applications.

A more effective room service

Room services, which are generally managed with internal landlines, now embrace a brand new potential with the use of tablets: All kinds of orders can be made through tablets, while there is also the option to accept credit card payments for extra services. Problems and delays stemming from the unavailability of the telephone operators in large properties can be eliminated by using these tablets effectively. You can maximize customer satisfaction with an advanced service infrastructure.

Real-time analyses

The next step is customer relations management (CRM) activities made through data analysis. Room services, hotel-related expenses and other service demands can be viewed on tablets, so you can follow guest habits in a real-time basis. Therefore, you can obtain comprehensive information about your target audience and determine the services to be improved much more rapidly and accurately.

Language support

If you accommodate foreign guests in your hotel, we can assume that you have at least one staff member who can speak a foreign language. However, is that sufficient for all your guests? Tablet availability for guest usage can help you with this too. Utilizing multi-language support applications, your guests can view service menus in their own languages and you can inform them about your services instantly. Therefore, your guests can continue making use of your services even when you do not have a foreign-language-speaking staff member.

All these advantages are just a few among the benefits public tablets can provide for your property. You can also benefit from the advantages of mobile technology in your property with the help of different applications for your needs and a bit of creativity. A robust infrastructure can help you make the most of your technological investments. With its 24/7 updated and secure applications, HotelRunner makes it easier to manage your inventory and bookings. Create your HotelRunner account now and carry your property to the online platform and success.

Cihan Coşkuntuncel

Director of Sales and Business Development

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