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How can you benefit from Instagram ads to promote your property?

The popular photo-sharing platform Instagram will soon be featuring ads. Although the number of countries that will be advertising on the outset will be limited, they will expand to many other countries in a short time. Giving the priority to ads from large brands, Instagram will soon provide the opportunity for many brands to advertise.

The accommodation industry is looking forward to the numerous opportunities offered by this new feature of Instagram, which has become a key part of hotel marketing activities and capable of providing effective promotional options in a short time. If you prefer to promote your hotel through multiple channels, you better check out the potential of Instragram ads, which will be deployed soon.

The feature to highlight your posts

With this feature, you will be to able ensure that the photos and videos you post on Instragram reach a larger audience, allowing you to highlight posts that you consider particularly important for your property’s promotion.

How will it work?

The biggest curiosity regarding Instagram ads is how it will work in practice. When you want to advertise your property, you will see a tag on the photo or video that says ‘sponsored’ and a button next to it that allows you to hide the ad. Thanks to this feature, the users will be able to flag the ads they see when they do not like them. Therefore, the advertiser will receive a feedback, while the unwanted ad will not appear in the news feed again.

Direct access to on-the-go guests

Since they will be viewed on mobile devices, the ads on Instagram are particularly important to access potential guests that are on-the-go. This way, Instagram ads offer the potential to be even more closer to vacationers in our era, which is marked by the increased importance of speed and time.

Advantage in advertising competition

Currently many properties place ads on the Internet and the competition between advertisers is intensifying. Using such new channels will make you more visible in the online world, while helping you make a difference with your competition.

Being one step closer to potential guests

Your ads have a great potential in allowing you to be discovered by Instagram users. Depending on your ad, each user that likes and follows your hotel on Instagram becomes a potential guest now. They will be seeing your future posts and learning more about your property with the help of your posts. After that, the only thing you should do to accommodate them in your property is to stick in their mind with proper posts and redirect them to your website for online booking.

Instagram will probably become one of the most prominent next-gen advertising channels on the Internet, which has millions of users. HotelRunner is your biggest supporter in promotional and advertising activities. If you want to learn how you can benefit from HotelRunner and its advanced infrastructure, create your account for free now and start to increase your sales in minutes.

Cihan Coşkuntuncel

Director of Sales and Business Development

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