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How can you convince next-gen travelers to prefer your online agency?

Increased Internet access has affected the tourism industry radically. All booking options from airway, land and sea travels to tours and properties to stay at are just one click away, thanks to the Online Travel Agencies (OTA). Young-generation travelers who can be referred to as modern travelers have been benefitting from the facilities of the Internet for a long time. They are those who plan their holidays in the best way, who post their travel experiences on their travel blogs and social media, who can find the best prices. How can they achieve this and what do they expect from the travel industry?

Next-gen travelers used to plan their travels through online channels when agencies were not online. However, the disappointments with service quality and misleading ads have lead them to OTAs. Modern travelers are advanced users of technology, they know what they want and they promise an important potential for agencies.

There is no time but there are plenty of plans

Next-gen travelers especially  use mobile devices effectively in their travel plans and most of them are white-collar employees between the ages of 18-30. Referred to as “millennial” or “Y Gen” guests, these modern travelers care about planning their holiday without dealing with long transactions whenever they have free time remaining from their intense work pressure. This group is considered to have an important position in global tourism in the upcoming years and they expect mobility, quality and flexibility from the agencies in addition to the speed and facilities provided by the Internet.

Travel guides

Next-gen travelers who do not appreciate the tour packages to the fullest prefer mapping their own holiday route. They are able to determine when and where they will stay at, which form of transportation they will prefer and which events they will attend at the last minute. At this point, agencies should do certain things in terms of professional guidance. It becomes important to inform them about special campaigns and promotions through e-mail, social media or short message service, and support them after sales.

Budget management

Special and discount lists are among the agency features that might be attractive for next-gen guests. Using technology consciously and effectively for gaining price advantages, next-gen guests expect budget-friendly offers suitable for their travel plans. The most important result of this extra effort for OTAs is achieving guest satisfaction. The improvement in recognition and the increase in preferability leads to customer loyalty.


Travelers planning their holiday through OTAs primarily expect swift response. Next-gen guests appeal to online platforms to have information about their travels or change their plans in the middle of intense work pressure and expect reliable service and support from the agencies.

The competition in online agency services and the expectations of next-gen travelers is increasing. It is almost a must for agencies to always adapt themselves to changes and become more active than ever when it comes to customer relations. You can increase your sales by taking into account the important reason for travelers to prefer OTAs. HotelRunner is an award-winning platform which provides you with a mobile-compatible website as well as a practical management panel and reliable hosting. Experience the advantage of being online with HotelRunner.

Cihan Coşkuntuncel

Director of Sales and Business Development

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