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How can you increase the number of your bookings through the videos on social networks?

As the Internet penetrates more in to our lives each day, it also changes our habits in the tourism industry. According to the results of a recent research conducted by Google, the view rate of travel-related videos increases each year. Considering the increase in the number of bookings made through mobile devices, it can be concluded that  business managers should be more competitive than ever. Use of videos can be a triggering force to take you one step ahead of your rivals.

Social networks like Facebook, Vimeo, Instagram and Vine are suitable platforms for providing potential visitors with information about the offers and events in a property and understanding their expectations with the help of comments. You can also benefit from these networks gain experience on both offline and online promotional activities, access a larger network of potential guests and increase the number of your bookings when promoting your property. Details are in our article.

Viewing rates for videos

Using online videos for marketing purposes is increasing on a global scale. According to various sources of research, the video volume on the Internet was 40% in 2011 and it is estimated that this rate will approximately exceed 62% by 2015. 9 of every 10 Internet users watch videos. It is stated that there has been a 33 percent increase in the viewing rates and the number of videos have doubled in the last year.

The advantages of using videos when promoting your property

There might be some different effects of using videos on guests and potential guests:

Promoting your property in the best way and improving customer satisfaction
Creating your audience on the Internet and expanding this audience
Leading your followers to comment and interact
Strengthening your brand perception through positive visitor experiences

The importance of keeping your video content “fresh”

When creating videos, innovative approaches are as necessary as sustainability for effective video posts. This can be a great opportunity both to eliminate clichés when creating content and increase feedback by showing the innovative side of your property to your guests. Keeping your messages as simple as possible and trying original forms suitable for your target audiences can contribute to your success in social networks.

The length and language of video

It’s recommended for you to prepare videos that can be enjoyed with a consumable length on every platform. Preparing short enjoyable videos that are worth sharing can be the best option for the time being considering the increasing usage rates for social networks like Vine and Instagram addressing mobile users especially and their viral effect. You can expand your target audience by making use of the universal aspect of music in your videos. If your video is an informative video and contains a speech, you might consider preparing subtitles by taking into account your potential guests from different countries.

Each day, millions of videos are ­published through social networks based on the idea of sharing videos. You can promote your property and services in the best way by being present on these channels. Create your HotelRunner account immediately to create quality content for social platforms, web and mobile channels, gather all your sales and booking channels under the roof of a single platform.

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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