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How can you increase your online agency’s sales with Pinterest?

Spreading and growing in number, social platforms may increase both your online agency’s site traffic and your mobile sales, and accordingly, may prove to be the backbone of a handsomely profitable strategy, like killing two birds with one stone. In this respect, you can regard social media as a great opportunity to promote your mobile applications and support your mobile business as it is mostly followed through mobile devices.

With its members reaching up to 100 million, Pinterest is among the platforms that social media users pay attention to the most. Once you announce Pinterest to your potential guests, your mobile-compatible website will become one of the most effective social networks you can use to increase your site traffic and mobile sales. Utilizing Pinterest, you can also feature all of the visual contents that provide a new insight to your property’s social media posts.

Here are the tips to increase your site traffic and mobile sales of your property with Pinterest.

Review your visual content

As Pinterest’s target users pay attention to visuality, it is only through impressive visual content you can ensure that your pins draw attention. Through the high-definition images you add to your pins (such as photos, drawings, graphics and infographics), you can both draw your target users’ attention and receive traffic from search engines.

Research shows that high-definition images featuring red and natural colors but excluding white backgrounds are shared more on Pinterest.

You can enhance your mobile-compatible website with Pinterest

The latest developments in the mobile technology have made smartphones and tablets substantially more important. Therefore, you should make sure that your preferred digital platform should definitely be mobile-compatible. If you choose the HotelRunner platform, you won’t need to worry.

Create original content

It is known that 80 percent of pins created by users on Pinterest are repins from other users. However, repining others’ content will not bring you traffic. Therefore, you should make sure that your content is ‘original’ and linked through your website, if you want to receive traffic through Pinterest. You should also pay attention to pinning your images with their links.

You can share popular items

You can also share popular subjects that do not have a direct connection with your service on Pinterest. You can use Pinterest more effectively to this end by classifying your boards according to your services. We also recommend you to make sure that the images you pinned on boards are useful for your potential guests.

Research indicates that more than 50 percent of Pinterest users follow it through mobile devices. You can create your free-of-charge HotelRunner account now to create a synergy by tapping into the power of social media networks and delivering a mobile-compatible website for your property’s digital marketing activities. Start earning now with the online sales options of HotelRunner, which is your property’s digital solution partner.

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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