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How can you manage your online agency’s reputation?

In our era, many consumers spend a considerable amount of time on the Internet and social platforms. Companies adapting themselves to this are actively present on the Internet and social platforms.

The concept of “online reputation management” has been brought under the limelight as a result of the interaction (such as liking, commenting and sharing) between companies and their existing and potential customers. For companies, online reputation management involves ways to monitor the comments about their products and themselves on the Internet and social platforms as well as respond to such comments appropriately and timely. Thanks to this, companies can learn and apply their own techniques of ‘online reputation’ management, which is critical in the branding process.

Here are some significant tips that you can utilize as you manage your online agency’s reputation on the Internet.


Your online agency’s website is one of the key channels of communication in its online reputation management. Therefore, we suggest you to prefer keywords Internet users can use in their searches and feature the quality content they would like to share.

You have the option to create and publish on your website the contents that can turn negative comments about your online agency into positive ones. This way, users can have a positive impression about your agency despite the fact that they were led to visit your website by reading negative comments displayed in search results.


Internet users first search on the Internet before purchasing a product/service. When users encounter negative comments on the first page of Google, this will not only cause them to change their mind about purchasing, it will also damage a company’s reputation. So, the results shown on the first page can be controlled through SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing). This way, negative comments can be pushed to the next pages.

Social media

You should cover all bases thoroughly before your enter into the realm of social media, as it requires “transparency” by nature.   Similarly, we do not recommend you to create a social media profile unless you have enough time and sufficient resources. This is because it might be better to not be involved in social platforms than damaging your reputation by being present there. On the other hand, active presence on each platform where your existing and potential guests are also active yields a huge benefit.

Tapping into some related trainings, you can prevent any adverse situation that can damage your reputation on social media. A useful investment to this end will be to have your online agency staff receive training on “overall social media reputation management and approach” and “crisis management”.

Online communication

You can enhance your reputation by highlighting positive comments on your online agency on the Internet. As for the negative comments, you may provide an ‘original’ response by touching upon your efforts to make up for such a negative experience and mention one of your achievements about the matter under criticism. As remaining unresponsive will be the biggest mistake in this, you better avoid it. You should also enhance your reputation by communicating properly on channels used by your customers for booking purposes.

It might be a better option to deploy basic approaches to online reputation management by integrating all communication tools in the digital branding process. HotelRunner will support you in managing your sales channels and increasing your bookings in the most effective way by utilizing all digital marketing tools. Create your free-of-charge account now.

Cihan Coşkuntuncel

Director of Sales and Business Development

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