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How can you strengthen your customer relations through social media?

Social media has been proved to be among the most powerful marketing platforms, although it is a relatively nascent concept. Social media becomes more influential particularly in areas like the accommodation industry, which has a strong social aspect.

In the realm of trade, marketing is the number one form of the utilization of social media, which is always dynamic.  When used properly and effectively, social media can help you become more efficient with your marketing activities in cost-effective ways. However, marketing is not the only way of using social media.

Social media, which offers numerous options in terms of interaction and feedback, can work well for the purpose of customer services as well. Here are some tips we think will help you benefit from social media and customer services in the accommodation industry.

Social media for receiving comments easily and responding quickly

Commenting is the most common method used by hotel guests to receive customer service support through social media. Your customers want to be able to ask questions through your Facebook and Twitter accounts when there are things they want to learn about your property’s services and quality. The most important issues driving their motivation on both channels are asking questions easily and getting responses quickly.

Making your guests feel important

It is not that hard to make them feel that they are special, let alone answering their questions, by remaining true to your corporate communication strategies. You can receive positive feedbacks beyond your expectations, if you check users’ public profiles and tailor your social media responses in a way that addresses their interest.

Conclusive resolution and transparency

Apart from replying to your guests’ questions , you should take into consideration any comments, whether negative or positive, and provide them with feedback at all times. Providing a conclusive resolution and being transparent are among the most effective methods in dealing with your customers’ problems, which will warrant customer satisfaction. By taking this approach, you can increase the number of positive comments on your property on the Internet, which will maximize your online reputation and your online sales accordingly.

Quick and instant feedbacks

Your speed of response is probably the most critical matter about social media customer relations that you may not overlook. In our era, when everything flows so fast, there is a huge gap between responding to a guest’s question or complaint on social media within 10 minutes and 1 hour. The quicker you respond to your guests, the more efficiency you will obtain as a result of your efforts in this.

Social media is also an effective channel; nevertheless, considering all these points in your social media approach can also help your property make a difference. For instance, it would work much better for you if you set positive communication with your accessible customer base as your primary goal, rather than increasing your follower base.

To use social media effectively, it is crucial to have an infrastructure that will allow you to do so. The award-winning HotelRunner platform will help you use social media effectively and achieve more online sales on social media. Create your HotelRunner account without losing any time now and see for yourself what you will gain from it.

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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