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How can you take advantage of Youtube for marketing your hotel?

Social networks have radically changed our Internet usage habits. Millions of people across the world first check social networking sites when they need to get information about something. Companies and brands show a great interest in social networks as they provide access to such a large audience.

The case remains the same for the accommodation industry as well. Properties of various scales make use of a wide range of social networks to access potential guests in the most cost effective and efficient way no matter where they are.

When it comes to social networks, the first ones that come in one’s mind are usually limited to Facebook and Twitter. However, YouTube should be added into that list as well since online videos have been growing in their impact recently. Here are methods to take the advantage of Youtube, which is among the most important video marketing channels in the world.

Determine the content of your video

The first thing you should do is to prepare different kinds of videos if you want to attract traffic to your property’s website from YouTube. These videos may include short entertaining videos as well as videos about the offers of your property. This way, you can both inform and entertain your potential guests simultaneously.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is working for you

Search engine optimization, or SEO, as called more frequently, is still important when it comes to Youtube as well. It would be great if you could select the right titles for your videos and add a detailed description to them so that your YouTube videos can be found easily in the search results.

Remember to determine your target audience

If you do not specify your target audience as you create your videos, you may not get the results that you hope to receive from video marketing.  It will serve your interests if you create videos suited to your primary guest profile that will interest or entertain them.

Adapt your video to watching habits

Video watching habits of users are also among the many things the Internet has changed.  Online video viewers now prefer short videos.  That’s why video sharing networks like Instagram and Vine feature short video content. YouTube does not apply any limitations, yet you should note that the longer your videos are, the less their viewing rate will be. If you have to focus on subjects that you cannot cover in a short video, it will be better to divide the subject into short videos rather than featuring it in a long one.

To the extent you consider these basic principles, YouTube can prove a peerless tool in the marketing of your property and accessing more visitors. Well, if you would like to turn the potential guest traffic coming to your website from YouTube into bookings, having a platform designed just for that can be a valuable asset for you.

With its expert team and profound experience in this field, HotelRunner can support you for promoting your property and online bookings.  Create your account now and start earning with HotelRunner immediately.

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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