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How can your online travel agency benefit from Twitter?

According to the research on social media, Twitter is among the most rapidly growing social networks today. This platform, where you can post your messages within a 140-character limit as well as photos and videos, is among the most popular websites of social media. Twitter’s mobile-compatible structure allows mobile device users to share posts related to various subjects instantly.

Apart from the users, Twitter is beneficial for businesses as well. With over 200 million active users, this platform has become a major marketing channel for brands.  In this respect, it can be argued that Twitter is the godsend opportunity for all businesses, particularly for the tourism industry.

Let’s have a look at what Twitter can offer for you as an online travel agency.

Accessing potential customers

You can easily access your target users thanks to Twitter. You can easily find your potential customers who are making their travel plans with just a quick search. This way, you can access your target audience in a short time.

Customer relations

By building your target audience, you can experience the opportunities provided by Twitter. You can also improve your relations with your current customers by using Twitter. One method is retweeting travel photos of your customers. Another method is to evaluate the comments by your customers about their traveling experience.

Understanding expectations

Based on the feedback you gathered, you can understand what your customers expect from an online travel agency.  This way, you can get the chance to improve your services accordingly and keep their satisfaction at the highest.

Marketing and promotion

You can announce your campaigns or promotions through Twitter. This will increase your recognition as well as strengthen your connection with your followers. If you would like your marketing activities to reach a larger target audience through Twitter, you should feature images in your tweets. Retweet rates for tweets including photos and videos are generally higher, this might work very well for you if you keep it in your mind.

Twitter stands out as an important marketing tool for online travel agencies. Twitter can help agencies promote themselves, communicate with travelers and increase their market share easily. Of course it is a priority to lead more visitors to your website so that they will book online. If you have a good infrastructure, you can benefit from the traffic coming from Twitter in the most efficient way. For agencies, HotelRunner is a platform that can easily function on all kinds of mobile and desktop platforms.  If you would like to witness the peerless features of HotelRunner, you can create your account immediately.

Cihan Coşkuntuncel

Director of Sales and Business Development

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