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How can your website help you about customer satisfaction?

The competition between hotels makes it indispensible for them to establish strong bonds with their guests in order to survive in the market and increase their market share through growth. In this case, your website becomes crucial for this process, allowing you to maintain your relations with your customers, satisfy them, listen to their complaints and provide solutions.

That’s why your website is so critical, being almost the most important element of your property’s promotion and sales process. Well, if you have a HotelRunner account, it means that you are already one step ahead of your rivals. Things will become really easy for you if you are using an optimal infrastructure with advanced features that is developed by our team, who are well-acquainted with the accommodation industry and its requirements.

The accommodation industry is just one of the areas where the Internet has a direct impact on sales. Your website is a primary tool for you to survive on the Internet and achieve online sales. We have compiled the things you can do to enhance customer satisfaction with the help of your website.

Receive feedbacks from your guests
If your guests are leaving satisfied when checking out, it will be more likely that they will prefer you again. Furthermore, it will be these satisfied guests who will actually promote your hotel by sharing their experiences with other people, providing the most effective way to gain new customers.

You can use your website to receive feedback from your customers to measure their satisfaction. The contact form on your website will allow your guests to contact you easily.

Are you up-to-date?
However, it might not always be possible to ensure that all your guests can communicate with you through your website. In our era, millions of users simply use various social media channels as the most practical means of communication, through which they can express their opinions.

However, you had better not consider your social media channels independent from your website. Announcing your social media accounts on your website will help you stay in touch with your guests through various social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, while making it possible for them to share their satisfactory experiences with other users on these channels.

Customer experience
Your website is functional only if it allows you to contact your potential customers, your target audience, in a healthy way. Taking into account, details such as the age group, lifestyle, location and income level of your guests will remarkably facilitate the process of dealing with the content and design of your website.

A website that is designed in accordance with such details will contribute to prioritizing your target audience’s interests on the website, providing easy access to these highlights, and increasing your sales.

Real time analysis and solution methods
Maintaining constant contact with your guests through your website makes it possible to get instantly informed of potential problems and provide swift solutions. In the long term, you can figure out the problems your customers are facing frequently and make related improvements in your property to solve such problems.

Your website can be a very helpful tool for accessing your guests. It is critical for your website to have reliable infrastructure and offer convenience and practicality. HotelRunner can help you manage your website in the best possible way as you are able to evaluate the comments and suggestions of your guests. If you still do not have a HotelRunner account, create it now and see the difference yourself.

Cihan Coşkuntuncel

Director of Sales and Business Development

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