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How do online travel agencies increase their sales with social promotions?

Social promotion applications are promotion models which benefit both your agency and your customers. The underlying goal of social media marketing strategies is to make users like, comment on or share your posts on social networks to create value. Is it possible to enable them to contribute to brand recognition by taking this one step ahead? Here is where social promotions step in.

Social promotion applications, which are often used by HotelRunner users as well, are based on making discounts or special offers that are made available if a user who books through an online agency posts this on his/her own social media account. Discounts can be offered on the basis of a predetermined fixed amount or percentage. Let’s look at how social promotions differ from other social media marketing strategies and the unique advantages they bring.

They bring customer satisfaction

With social promotions, customers will view a screen informing them about the discount offer before making the payment just as they are booking. The system automatically detects and confirms the posts and the customers accepting the offer can redeem the discounts instantly. As you offer a substantial benefit for customers, they will be eager to share their personal accounts with you as a marketing channel. Therefore, social promotions help you maximize customer satisfaction.

They do not bother

Social promotion application functions with an automation system. Just determine the discount rate and activate this feature through HotelRunner to get it started. This system can also be easily utilized to track the pace at which messages are spreading and to gain information about which network is used more and how many people are reached etc. In terms of saving time and increasing business efficiency, social promotions are an efficient tool for agencies as much as they are for hotels.

They are effective

Social promotion applications are one of the most rapid and effective ways to access your existing customers’ friends through social networks like Facebook and Twitter. As your customers generally use their real names on these channels, social promotions are regarded by their friends as something recommended by a person close to them. Therefore, they reach your customers’ friends and professional networks in the most effective way and you get the chance to gain new potential customers as a result of the advantages you offer.

They are effective for SEO

When considered in terms of search engine optimization (SEO), social promotions can be argued to have a positive impact. Any kind of interaction with your customers is reflected to SEO positively. Customer posts triggered by social promotions help you receive this interaction in a short time.

Social promotions are effective marketing tools to increase sales for accommodation properties and online agencies. OTAs can introduce their tours with the help of social promotion applications and reduce their annual promotion costs. Cloud computing-based hotel and acency management and digital marketing platform HotelRunner provides a flawless infrastructure for online agencies to manage all their sales channels along with social promotions. Create your HotelRunner account now to stand out in the tourism industry.

Cihan Coşkuntuncel

Director of Sales and Business Development

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