How does increased use of mobile devices affect accommodation industry?

Use of smart phones is on inexplicable increase, which paves the way for significant changes in all industries, including accomodation. Today, businesses do not have the luxury of disregarding mobile platforms when it comes to receiving online bookings or promoting hotels.

Well, how much do mobiles count in the accomodation industry? HotelRunner will answer this question and provide many insights into the mobile. Volume of bookings performed on mobile devices; mobile compatible websites; methods to use mobile applications; and potential guests that could be reached via mobile will be explored in the following which we believe benefit you while determining mobile strategies for your business.

Rate of mobile bookings

The volume of online reservations made via mobile devices is estimated to reach 13,6 billion dollars at a global level by the end of 2013. This figure corresponds to 10% of all the sales performed online.

Unless you access your potential guests via mobile platforms, you are highly likely to be missing simply 10% more sales. Moreover, this rate only applies to 2013. Note that this rate is expected to double in 2014, with one out of 5 reservations, instead of 10, being performed via mobile platforms.

Access to potential guests via mobile

Not all the guests you can access via mobile devices would be making online bookings once you reach them. In other words, this 10% is only the tip of the iceberg. Moreover, increased use of mobiles has enabled potential guests to review facilities, evaluate online comments and reach a final decision on their mobiles.

Add to this the amount of those, who book a hotel via a PC or agency once they decide, and you’ll see the indirect contribution of mobiles to hotel sales easily going beyond 10%.

Mobile ‘touch’ on last minute sales

Last minutes sales play a major role in increasing occupancy rates of hotels. Mobile devices now emerge as the most influential channel for these last minute sales. A must for your establishment’s holistic marketing and selling strategy, mobile devices seem as a candidate to be your most reliable assistant at the moment you are in need of last minutes sales. A study by shows that 70% of daily hotel bookings are performed on mobile devices.

Mobile application vs. mobile compatible website

Mobile accessibility of your business is for sure important. However, what do you need exactly? A mobile compatible website or a mobile application? The ideal is a combination of both. Your website should be smoothly running on mobile devices. In addition to this, and if your budget allows, a mobile application would help you enjoy a bigger slice of the cake.

If you have already looked through the features of HotelRunner , your most reliable partner, you must have learned that it ensures mobile accessibility of your website and even offers mobile booking features. Take a few minutes and create a website powered by HotelRunner. Do not lag behind in competition and increase your sales.

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Rıza Kaynak

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