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How does the development of the mobile world effect your property?

Users are attracted to the ease of use provided by mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets. In 2012 and 2013 only, the number of mobile device users doubled in number. It is estimated that there will be 2 billion people using smart phones by 2015. With continuous improvements and developments, mobile devices have now become a part of the daily life. In our era, it is possible to say that the development of the Internet is also shaped by mobile devices.

Therefore, it is crucial for your property’s website to provide the best service possible for mobile users as well, whose numbers increase steadily.  If you fail to adapt your property to this trend, the effects of your online promotions might not fulfill their original potential, which will definitely have an impact on sales as well.

Why some businesses do not have a mobile-compatible website has mainly to do with the lack of knowledge of their managers in this field. To eliminate such lack of knowledge, let’s check out some significant data showing the current position of mobile devices.

Searches that come from mobile devices

Considering the rates related to the Internet users,

90 percent search their interests on the Internet through mobile devices.
68 percent search the products or services they would like to have through mobile devices.
40 percent buy online and mobile promotions and coupons while shopping.
About 40 percent make purchases generally every week through their cell phones.


Considering the rates related to the mobile device users,

Only 16 percent conclude the searching process with no specific action performed.
As for the rest of the 84 percent, 47 percent of them visit a website,
while 48 percent call the businesses by using their mobile devices.

User trends

Considering the rates related to the mobile device users,

46 percent do not try again the second time if they have a problem when entering a website.
34 percent visit the rival website if they have problems when entering.

Local searches

Considering the rates related to the mobile device users,

97 percent search local businesses.
Location information provided by businesses has an impact on 67 percent of searches.

So, it seems that the popularity of mobile devices keep increasing ceaselessly.   It is a must for you to make the necessary adjustments on your property’s website to keep up the pace. However, if you are using the HotelRunner platform, things are easy for you since you already have a mobile-compatible website.  Also, you will be able to attract many users shopping online with the help of virtual POS and coupons, while accepting mobile bookings. If you have not met HotelRunner yet, create your account now and see the offers it can provide for you.

Cihan Coşkuntuncel

Director of Sales and Business Development

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