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How much does Mobile SEO matter for your property?

Lots have been written on search engine optimization (SEO) so far. Website owners tried to come up with a wide range of solutions by following the changes Google makes regarding its algorithm. Up until this point, many methods, from enhancing website content to building connection with other websites, have been applied. Currently, we are faced with a different version of SEO: Mobile SEO.

Our era bears witness to the ever-increasing popularity of mobile devices. Smart phones and tablet devices introduced by many brands have become part of our daily lives, thus it is indispensable for websites to be mobile-compatible. Google has also been putting a special emphasis on mobile-compatible websites for a while. Therefore, being mobile-compatible is critical for the website of an accommodation property.

We share with you some important tips you need to follow for this optimization process called Mobile SEO.

1- Mobile specific website design

There are two methods for you to run your website compatible with mobile devices. The first one is completely reconfiguring your website to make it mobile-compatible. This way, visitors using mobile devices will be redirected to your website when browsing. When applying this method, ensure that users are redirected to your website correctly. Your potential guests might not be able to view your website if not redirected correctly.

2- Compatibility with any screen through “responsive” design

The second method is to design your website based on a technique called “responsive design”, which includes only one website design. However, the units you create on your website automatically adjust their sizes and positions on the page depending on the screen size. Such website design is recommended by Google as well. You might need designer support for this type of design, which requires only one website address and is more practical.

3- Loading speed is important

Another important issue to take into account when it comes to a mobile-compatible website is the loading speed. If the mobile-compatible website of your property does not load in a short time, visitors might not tolerate that and leave.

It has become a must to make your website mobile-compatible. In addition, your accessibility to your potential guests is also shaped by your mobile-compatible website’s SEO performance.

If you are a HotelRunner member, it means that addressing both of these concerns is an easy job for you. Thanks to the HotelRunner infrastructure, which is specially designed for the accommodation industry, it is really easy to have a mobile-compatible website with advanced SEO features. You can create your free-of-charge HotelRunner account now to meet all your needs related to this issue.


Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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