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How much does using keywords matter in search engine marketing?

Search engines use advanced algorithms when calculating the search rankings of websites. These algorithms matter a lot for website owners who want their website to appear in the top search results and drive more organic traffic accordingly.

However, these algorithms should be changed and improved regularly both due to user habits and due to the efforts of search engines to fight against abusive techniques. The Hummingbird update introduced by Google a while ago was a significant example for this. Google punished the site owners who tried to drive more traffic by manipulating keywords while also making searches more social.

With the recent updates, there have been significant changes in the keywords’ function in search engine marketing. Here are the things you should know to increase the organic traffic of your agency’s web site via keywords following these changes.

Prepare a list

It is not possible to view the keywords driving traffic to your website through Google Analytics. Therefore, the best method would be to brainstorm to come up with words and list them. Besides, predicting the keywords is not as difficult as you think. You will come up with a wide range of words if you ask yourself the question “Which words would I search if I wanted to travel?”

Build contextual integrity

You should find and use the keywords in the articles you post on your online agency’s website. However, you should note something. With the new algorithm, not only the keywords themselves are checked, but also the article containing the keywords is checked too. This means that the keywords you will use should be consistent with your website content.

Update your keywords

The keywords that might help your potential customers access you through search engines might change in time. Similarly, these people might focus more on other topics in certain periods when searching. For instance, Uludağ can be among the frequently-searched words in winter, while Antalya can be one for summer. Therefore, you better revise your keywords regularly.

Keywords are among the significant methods for your online agency to apply to in respect to search engine optimization (SEO). If you carry your property to the Internet with the award-winning HotelRunner platform, things will be easy for you. This is because the advanced SEO features of HotelRunner can take your agency one step ahead of its online rivals and increase your income. Create your account immediately and start earning now.

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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