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How to attract the distinguished guests of the digital era

We are living in a digital era and it is not surprising to see that the accommodation industry is affected by it the most. All details, from travel planning to the accommodation needs and expectations, are changing in accordance with this new era. Furthermore, the class of distinguished guests is being reshaped and undergoes a rapid dramatic change over the course of this era.

These distinguished, hyper-connected guests have at least two different mobile devices with constant connectivity, and the most common characteristic they share is that they travel and spend much more compared to the average guest.

Knowing more about this guest group and understanding their expectations is a good way to turn your property into a center of attraction for these guests, whose number has increased six folds over the last two years only.

Introduce yourself to the distinguished guests of the digital era

These guests that consist mostly of people under the age of 45 do not use their smart phones and tablets for traveling purposes only. Thanks to these devices, they can book hotels online and share their experiences based on real time activity, made possible by constant online contact with other people.

Distinguished guests of the digital era spend almost 30 per cent more money on their travel compared to the average guests, although they are able to make the most of discounts and offers as they have access to innumerable accommodation alternatives thanks to Internet.

To them, you do not exist unless you are online

The Internet is the primary source of reference for their traveling plans. As they use the Internet, they carry out a comprehensive search about your property. They can easily access various reviews of  your property and have an idea about your quality in accordance with the impression your website creates on them. If you do not have a website for your property, your property does not exist. If your website is not capable of presenting an impressive experience for users, they will most probably avoid staying at your hotel.

Methods to attract the distinguished guests of the digital era

Encourage them to discover everything they wonder about your property on the Internet. It is only possible to attract them if you provide a website that is accessible through all kinds of devices and capable of receiving online bookings in a practical way. If you manage to complement this with customer satisfaction, you will earn a very loyal customer.

When doing so, however, you should be able to access them via different channels. Your website is really important, but it is not enough alone. You should be active on social networks and share interesting articles.

Remember that Internet access is an essential necessity for them and they will ask for it throughout their stay at your property. You should be able to provide them an experience that they think is worth sharing. This way, you can keep customer satisfaction at the highest, while benefiting from their contribution to your sales as they recommend your property to their friends.

HotelRunner helps you attract these distinguished guests of the digital era, thanks to its peerless infrastructure. HotelRunner assists you in everything you need, from social media integration to receiving direct online bookings, achieved in the most practical way through a mobile-compatible website. Create your account now and start to increase your sales immediately.

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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