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How to build guest loyalty in the digital era

Guest loyalty basically means ensuring that the same guests will choose your property for multiple times. In our era, traditional marketing methods have changed and commercial enterprises and advertisements have shifted to the online platform, thus different methods and rules have emerged when it comes to building customer loyalty. Communicating through multiple channels quickly draws the attention of social media users and builds an organic connection between a property and guests. Smart phones provide the opportunity of instant communication and interaction. Preferred by many small and large scale properties due to their flexibility in management, digital channels are also effective advertising tools. The best way to win your guests’ heart, provide them with unforgettable joyful moments, meet their expectations is now possible through instant posts. Are you ready to introduce interesting areas, meals, social facilities and your friendly staff members to your guests?

Improve the accessibility of your website

Internet access is just one click away with smart phones, so everyone should be able to access your website easily. The first step to convert users into guests and guests into satisfied guests is to offer them a website they can easily access, and to respond to their requests within seconds. An impressive reception service, complete information about contact details and a customer representative ready to answer any questions instantly determines the differences between “yes” and “no” for your guests.

Show your transparency

You can show that you are ready for a dialogue and do not have anything to conceal from your guests by sharing your previous guests’ reviews and your related feedbacks on your pages. When a crisis is managed properly and when you are honest, it is always possible to turn it into an opportunity. Your potential guests are watchfully following comments on your property and how you respond to them .

Inform your guests about your campaigns

Apart from their effect on these watchful guests, social networks are also crucial in that they make it easier for you to access people around them whether close or distant. You can boost the value of your posts through the snowball effect among the users of Twitter, Vine, Instagram and Pinterest. This way, you can increase the number of your potential guests dramatically.  Announcing your campaigns on these channels will enhance the loyalty of your satisfied guests as well as give you a great opportunity for accessing new guests who have never heard of you before.

Make them feel that they are special

Any guest staying at your property would like to feel special. Colorful images taken during the good times and enjoyable moments of your guests at your property will not only enhance your reputation, it will also prove to be an effective strategy in terms of gaining loyalty from your guests. The Internet and social media are not the only tools in achieving these. SMS and e-mail services are also other effective marketing tools to communicate with your guests directly. Social media is without no doubt one of the most efficient communication channels to contact your guests in the digital era. You can reap the fruits of your efforts invaluably by being active on social media by easily tracking feedback on the quality of your food & beverage services, cleaning, social facilities and other services. In this article, we have touched upon the value you can create through being active on social media. For more information, you can create your HotelRunner account and benefit from all the privileges it provides. Are you ready to change?

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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