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How to create a loyal fanbase for your property through Twitter

If you are planning to use the power of social media to promote your services, Twitter is the tailor-made option for this. Home to over 240 million users worldwide as well as many cyberstars and celebrities, the platform attracts large and small scale companies within the accommodation industry as well.

Twitter is an effective channel for accessing a large audience as well, from next-gen guests for whom social networking sites are an integral part of life to celebrities who hold a large follower base. If boosting your brand recognition is among your strategic goals, we can say that Twitter, which is a unique platform, will be at least as effective as Facebook and Youtube.

Determine your target audience correctly

On Twitter, the quality of your followers matter more than their quantity. You can create a large follower base in a short time just by following them randomly, but how much such an audience will contribute to you and whether or not they will reflect favorably to your company image and sales will remain a matter of debate. Therefore, make sure to communicate with people whom you think travel a lot and are relevant to your efforts so that you can create a follower base that will be interested and engaged in your posts.

Offer added value for true communication

Do not limit your tweets to the features or campaigns and discounts in your property. The most important aspect of social media is that it is “social”. This means that you can communicate with users following you, and whom you follow, directly and instantly. A user can send a tweet to ask something about his/her travel or express his/her complaint/satisfaction related to your property. Try to turn this into an opportunity and respond to them unless it is something that can damage your corporate identity.  Also, you have unlimited options, such as retweeting their tweets that you like, taking part in online conversations on Twitter or rewarding your customers who are satisfied with your services with small prizes or gestures.

Use the power of multiple platforms

Although Twitter is a very common social networking platform, you should not limit your communication efforts to Twitter if you want to map a marketing strategy which will prove beneficial in the long term. In our previous articles, we tried to introduce you with a wide range of platforms related to social media marketing. Having presence on these popular sites, which are home to various user groups, and featuring your promotional posts from different platforms other than Twitter, which is a considerably effective promotion tool in its own right, will help your content be more diversified and visible.

Be original

Twitter is a huge platform featuring influential people as well.  Therefore, what distinguishes you from your rivals in this respect will be the original content you dish out. Try to avoid being a copycat with your posts, by being creative and extraordinary. For instance, you can consider accepting bookings through Twitter if you think you can handle them. You can keep the interest alive by constantly introducing change.

It is critical to be present on Twitter, an effective social marketing tool, if you want to increase online bookings, safeguard your reputation and build customer loyalty. The loyalty of your target audience depends on how successfully you address them and how well you determine your strategy. HotelRunner is always there for you to keep in touch with these loyal guests, manage your property and make direct online sales. Create your HotelRunner account now without losing any time and see the difference of HotelRunner yourself.

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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