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How to create images that will make your Facebook page more effective

Social media provides tourism firms with opportunities both to come up with new ideas and receive feedbacks from their customers. Facebook is undoubtedly one of the most effective social media platforms. People have more freedom on Facebook than other social media networks therefore users and brands can express themselves better on it. Facebook, where you can share photo albums and create your content freely with unlimited characters, is a key channel for your hotel’s digital marketing.

As a general trend in the industry, you should acknowledge that customers believe more in what they see then what they read. Therefore, it is critical to make use of images to build trust, especially in the tourism industry. Facebook supports hotels especially in terms of sharing images. You may feature as many as photos with any features on your Facebook page. Do you take enough advantage of the impact of images on your hotel’s Facebook page? Here are tips for visual content to make your Facebook page more impressive.

Visual storytelling

As we shared before, visual storytelling is a crucial strategy for hotel marketing. You may also create meaningful stories for your potential customers to define their traveling process successfully, if you want to fully benefit from the impact of images. You may use an outstanding feature, theme or character of your property when choosing which image to focus on for storytelling.

Which section of your hotel is photographed most by your guests?

If you notice that one particular part of your hotel is photographed more by your guests, you can also create images of this place by tapping into the proper use of filter, contrast and lightning correction. You may share this image to create a connection between your followers and the property with a brief and creative hashtag and description. Therefore, your potential customers will catch a glimpse of what kind of an accommodation experience awaits them at your property.

Take advantage of the natural attractions around your hotel

Your property’s location may be playing a key role in why your property is preferred. Therefore, posting photos of the your property’s surroundings on Facebook may affect your followers favorably. Also, benefitting from photos taken in local festivals and images of historical areas around your property will also be another advantage.

The effect of videos

You can also make use of videos as you create visual content. By watching posted videos, your followers will see a place they have not visited yet with full detail. This can also inform your previous guests about the changes in your hotel. Therefore, it is in your interest to share videos filmed in different places of your hotel on your Facebook page.

Posts about hotel staff

You may have a sincere connection with your followers even before accommodating them in your hotel when you share images, videos, and even a “behind-the-scene” joke about your staff on Facebook. Sharing photos from award programs like “employee of month” can also be a good idea. This way, you can ensure that your customers may establish bonds with your staff members.

Through short video posts, you can show examples of possible experiences in your property as well as activities available in your hotel, your kitchen staff’s talents, lobby and rooms. Other video alternatives include weekly weather forecasts and activities that can be done based on such forecasts, upcoming holiday dates and local activities diisplayed with videos up to half minute.

Different images that you share on Facebook can help you make use of this channel more effectively. An experienced and reliable solution partner like HotelRunner can support you in social media and much more to increase your property’s occupancy rate. Create your free-of-charge account now and also benefit from the power of digital marketing when carrying your property to the Internet.

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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