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How to get ahead in property promotion with e-mails

Planning successful marketing activities for properties in the digital platform requires using each and every marketing channel actively. Considering that there are potential guests anytime and anywhere in the Internet, it is critical to deploy your website, social media, digital ads and e-mail marketing actively for property marketing purposes.

According to a research, Internet users spend about 7.8 hours a week checking their e-mails. The number of worldwide e-mail users are expected to reach up to 4.9 billion as of 2017. Based on these figures, it is easy to conclude that e-mail marketing is a pretty effective way to access your potential customers. However, it is critical to choose the right time to send e-mails to be noticed in their inboxes, which usually receive a lot of e-mails daily.

Which are the best days and hours to conduct e-mail marketing to increase the reading rate of your e-mails through which you inform your guests about your property and campaigns?

Monday: The busiest work day of the week

Employees usually start the day by checking their inboxes on the first work day following the weekend holiday when they could not check their e-mails. It is a known fact that they first remove e-mails with marketing content and e-mails they think that are not beneficial. Therefore, the e-mails you send on Mondays will be most likely deleted together with other such e-mails.

Weekend: When they are not on the Internet

For employees, weekends are usually used to go on a trip, go shopping and visiting friends and family. Therefore, e-mails sent on weekends may easily be missed by a majority of people. Various post-campaign mailing analysis also shows that e-mails sent on weekends are less likely to be read.

Midweek: The best timing for e-mail marketing

Many analysis on e-mail marketing suggest that e-mails sent on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are much more likely to be read. Especially the e-mails sent after 2 pm midweek are checked by people after having a break and more likely to be read as compared with other hours. The most interesting content for readers during busy hours includes e-mails related to holidays, restaurants and events.

E-mailing frequency

When e-mails are sent too frequently, they are not read that much as they are considered by users as repetition of the same information despite the content being different each time. Research shows that the reading rate of e-mails sent less than 4 times a month are higher than those sent 4 and more times monthly.

When used properly, e-mail marketing can be a considerably effective tool to promote your property and increase your sales. HotelRunner provides you with peerless features like online booking and direct online sales as well as other peerless options to promote your property in any way. Create your HotelRunner account immediately and start earning now!

Cihan Coşkuntuncel

Director of Sales and Business Development

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