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How to increase online bookings: Reputation management

As a natural result of the changes brought by the Internet, security has become a critical criterion both in the accommodation industry and in all the other industries. Before purchasing or booking through the Internet in any way, consumers want to make sure that the site where they perform the transaction is secure. However, the feeling of security might not be easily achieved if they have not had any prior relations with your site or property.

You are ready to provide the best service for your potential guests in the most secure way, yet how can a user who has no idea about you can know this?

Fortunately, achieving this is not as difficult as you think it is. Here are the most significant criteria to enhance your online recognition and increase your bookings.

Types of content

Basically there are 3 types of content shared on social media and other platforms of the Internet. The first one is the “created content” which is created by you. This includes the textual content and visual content you create on social media or on your website. The ads you place on social media for a certain cost are called “paid content”. Comments of other users on your website or other social media accounts as well as their ratings are included in the category of “gained content”, which is the most precious content type.

These content types contribute to your online reputation differently. Therefore, you need to care about each of the three. “Earned content” is the one that has the biggest impact on your reputation. It is followed by “created content” and “paid content” respectively based on their impact on your reputation.

Your service quality

To have an earned content consisting of positive comments, your quality should be higher than a certain level. The primary factors affecting the comments are how much you care about your guests and to what extent you can reflect this. This shows that the biggest step to “gained content” begins by enhancing your service quality.

A live website

Encouraging your guests to comment matters at least as much as providing good service quality. To achieve this, you better keep your website live all the time. In addition to the information about your property, you can also have a live feed for user comments that also feature images, your social media posts and even news related to the local events that could be interesting for your guests.

The power of local search

Many social networks including Facebook in particular and online travel agencies now focus on local searches. You better take advantage of this especially due to the growing popularity of mobile devices and location-based searches. Those making local searches can hear about your property and you can enhance its recognition by filling your location information on your social media accounts. You should create an account for your property on applications, particularly Foursquare, featuring the option to search based on location.

You can benefit from great opportunities by observing your online reputation constantly and improving customer satisfaction. Therefore, your guests can trust your property easily, no matter where they are, and can book without hesitation. HotelRunner can help your property accept bookings from all over the world within a few minutes. Create your free-of-charge account now to see what HotelRunner can offer for you.


Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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