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How to increase online bookings through content marketing

Content marketing is one of the most popular topics in the field of digital marketing. With the most basic definition,  content marketing is the term referring to using information and communication tools like articles, photos and videos to promote your property to your potential guests.  What matters in this type of marketing is to feature both informative and interesting content for visitors on your property’s website or blog. This way, you will not only build brand awareness, but you will also have the chance to improve  your relations with customers.

It is possible to create an effective content marketing strategy for properties of every scale and concept. We can observe such examples in our country as well. If you also want to take the advantage of content marketing, which is a cost-effective but pretty efficient way of marketing for your property, well, it is not too late yet.

Let’s check the tips to for you to get started with content marketing easily.

Get to know your potential guests

Analyzing your customer profile properly is the first thing to do as part of your efforts to create effective content. You need to know what subjects are interesting to them so that you will tailor your content according to their interests. Try to answer the following to achieve this:

Which activities do your guests like in general?
What are the questions they most frequently ask your staff members?
What is their average age and which social channels do they use in general?

The conclusion you will make will outline the content you will create as a result.

Develop and save ideas

Now it’s time for developing ideas on what to write about. Listing and archiving your ideas will make things much easier for you when deciding  what to cover. You can make use of the potential guest interests you determined based on the above-mentioned questions to create such a list. For example, if your hotel is located in the city and your guests usually ask you questions about the shopping centers, you might want to write an article related to the 10 best restaurants in the city. Examples can vary based on your location and guest profile. Moreover, you can be inspired from other similar sites and blogs by checking the content they create.

Determine the timing for publishing

It is critical for you to know when to post the content you create. If you write too frequently, you might run out of topics to cover in a short time. On the other hand, writing less frequently will reduce the impact of your web site or blog on potential guests. So, you should determine a schedule to post your articles and remain true to the timing you map.  Posting content regularly is critical to keep the attention.

Experiment with different styles

There are various ways to create content. For instance, you can cover the opinions of your customers and what they like the most about your property. If there is a special event organized in your property, you can share the photos related to it.  If your guests like discovering the attractions around you, you might create content that will inform them about this. It would be good to introduce the historical and cultural attractions and cuisine in the region your property is located in.  Tapping into your creativity, you can increase the number of examples that are more suitable for your target audience.

Content creating is a bit demanding, but its fruits offer a great promotional method. Thanks to this marketing strategy, your potential guests can learn about you in a much shorter time. Also the content you will create might have a positive impact on your potential guests. You need to have a website where you can accept online booking to turn this effect into an opportunity. If you do not have such a website for your property, you can create it very easily thanks to HotelRunner. HotelRunner gives you the opportunity to accept online bookings and make direct online sales as soon as you build your website by utilizing various payment options. Join us and experience how HotelRunner can benefit you with its numerous features yourself.

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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