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How to receive more online bookings

Each day, the Internet transforms and shapes the hotel industry just like it changes our habits, by expanding its role in our lives. More bookings are performed on the Internet each passing day, which creates opportunities both for property managers and their guests.

It is estimated that the number of Internet users across the world have reached 3 billion in 2013. These users from all around the world try to find the best opportunities for them by making comparisons through social media, review sites and other online channels before shopping or purchasing holidays. Therefore, it has become crucial for your property to be on all online channels that your potential guests are on. In addition, the more prevalent your presence on online media is, the more recognized your property’s brand becomes.

All we have mentioned here are the factors that have a direct impact on the online booking rates of your property. Let’s check the essentials to receive more online bookings.

Your next-gen guests are on the Internet

Online sales channels, which have changed accommodation preferences and old habits, are now making their most efficient progress in the tourism industry. Next-gen guests who are always online can book online easily during any time of the day without being bothered with time limitations.

The chance of receiving instant feedback

Hotels using online sales and marketing channels effectively can receive bookings from all over the world today. It is a great advantage for all properties to expand to new markets and receive online bookings from guests in countries which they have never sold rooms to.

On the other hand, you can receive positive and negative feedbacks about your property in a quite short time as guests can quickly share their opinions through the Internet. When managed properly, these comments ensure that you can attract more customers to your property, while maximizing customer satisfaction. Therefore, you better follow feedbacks from your customers regularly when presenting your brand on the Internet in an effective way.

The Internet and social media

Social media has become one of the most significant concepts of our day, with the numerous articles written and scientific research conducted about it. Why it matters so much has primarily to do with the fact that it has destroyed the barriers between brands and consumers.

The most significant reason for this is that guests can receive instant feedbacks, as we have mentioned before. The second one is that you have now numerous options for your message to access large audiences through cost-effective methods. If you manage to build a strong bond with your guests through social media, you can see its impact on online bookings from the very first day.

Bookings and your online campaigns

The Internet is there again for you when it comes to increasing the occupancy rate of your property as well. Considering that many hotel guests are looking for campaigns and opportunities on the Internet, a great opportunity for properties whose primary goal is to increase their occupancy rate exists on the internet. You can create special campaigns for your guests and increase the number of your online bookings by implementing campaigns or options like social coupons provided by HotelRunner platform.

HotelRunner is an award winning platform designed for you to carry your property online and accept online bookings, so you can increase your sales and gain a competitive advantage by using this platform. It is very easy to see what HotelRunner can offer you. Just create your HotelRunner account. Then our expert team will contact you and help you fulfill your expectations under the most convenient conditions.

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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