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How to treat unhappy online customers?

One of the greatest advantages brought by the Internet is that anyone can easily share their opinions with the rest of the world. This applies to both businesses and consumers. While companies can easily reach their target audience to communicate their messages, consumers also enjoy the same kind of facility to disseminate their message across their circles as well as brands.

Although a very positive feature of the online world, this also holds the potential to turn into a problem for businesses if the customer delivers a negative comment. Keeping away from the Internet and social media altogether to avoid such a problem would be the greatest mistake. Your absence on the Internet will not prevent the existence of these comments or access to such comments by other potential customers, this may also lead to serious harm to your corporate reputation as you will not be present there and explain yourself.

Then what should you do? We as HotelRunner compiled a list of key points that you should now about online reputation management.

Be present

Potential negative comments of your customers may actually serve as a unique source to improve your company’s processes. To benefit from this source, however, you should have online presence and follow what is being discussed.

Respond swiftly

Swift responsive to a consumer holding a negative opinion would be what they will appreciate the most. This will demonstrate that you are always listening to them and value their opinion. Event if the subject of the comment is not something you can immediately reply, you should still reply that you are looking into the subject.

Handle professionally

The criticism may be harsh; but your handling and way of expression should never cross the boundaries of professionalism. People viewing an online discussion may overlook the negative statements from the unhappy customers, but can still be bothered by your replies given in a similar manner. Also, your comment should be as much free from hotel management jargon as possible and include statements that the guests can understand more easily.

Highlight positive aspects

A guest paying a three-day visit may be expressing his/her discontent with a single dinner only. While handling the guest’s discontent with the matter, make sure you bring up the positive experiences he/she has during the visit. You may ask if the guest is satisfied with their room, or whether he/she likes the overall cleanliness of the facility. Probably the guest will respond positively to most of these questions, hence getting the chance to express himself/herself in a softer tone.

Respect customer privacy

Pay utmost attention to the details that may lead to infringement of customer confidentiality and privacy, and make sure you do not cause further discontent on their part regarding these matters.

Handle the problem outside the Internet

In cases where the customer decries on the media that everyone can access, particularly the social networking sites, contact this customer as soon as possible via e-mail or phone. In this way, you can contact the customer personally to calm him/her down in a more easier manner, preventing those who follow the matter online from perceiving it as a graver issue than it actually is.

If you consider all these hints to be very useful in protecting your hotel’s reputation in the face of a potential online reaction, please take a look at the features of our application over this link to see the matters about which we as HotelRunner can provide assistance for your facility, including social media.


Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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