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Ideas to write creatively on your hotel blog

The website of your property is not only a platform where you can promote your products and services. It is also a medium through which you can contact your guests directly and keep their interest in you alive. The best and most practical way to do so is to have a blog for your hotel.

We shared with you some critical information about why you need a blog for your hotel. We suggest you to check that post unless you have seen it.

Now let’s move to preparing the content of your blog that will increase the recognition level and direct online reservation rates of your property, which might be the most challenging part for you unless you are a writer. But don’t worry: we are there to guide you as HotelRunner.

Here are some creative writing ideas you can practically handle to draw attention of your potential guests.

Tell about innovations

Have you opened a new restaurant in your property? Have you expanded your pool? Have you made a tremendous collaboration? All these are the news that you can share with your guests. Post such news on your blog with beautiful photos rather than sending mundane bulletins to media institutions. Therefore, you can both enhance your brand perception and attract potential guests.

Hotel events

Is there a special party or a new conference that can be hosted by your hotel? You can announce also such events for your guests. Moreover, your blog is quite a helpful tool for you to introduce regular events such as shows or pool activities with details.

Your awards

It is a great idea for you to mention on your blog an award you have received and share your pride with your guests. You can also share news stories about your property.

Photos of your property

We are sure you take photos of your hotel from time to time for marketing purposes. You can select some behind-the-scenes images to post on your blog so that your guests can share and comment on them. Moreover, you can improve your content by encouraging your guests to publish the photos they take at your property, creating a more intimate impression on them.

Your outstanding members

By introducing staff members you are glad to have in your team, you can make your hotel a more intimate and warm place in the eye of your guests. For instance, an interview on your hotel with your kitchen staff might present your humane aspects, in addition to your corporate image.

Attractions nearby

You can introduce historic and tourist places as well as prominent business centers located nearby, which might also be useful for your blog. That would help you attract people who are interested in that and encourage them to prefer your hotel when they want to visit such places.

These are just a few of the creative ideas for your blog, but we believe that even those are really helpful. All you need to do is to sign up for HotelRunner to accept online reservations from your guests after contacting them through your blog and other digital marketing channels. Just visit this page to sign up for HotelRunner for free and benefit from its ideal, budget-friendly offers for which you only pay as much as you use.


Cihan Coşkuntuncel

Director of Sales and Business Development

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