Impact of smartphones on hotel reservations

On one hand, the number of digital marketing channels is increasing; and on the other, computer is no longer the only way for users to access the Internet. Smartphones, which have so far sold about 2 billion, have become the primary means of access to Internet for many users.

Widespread of smartphones is relevant to hotels in that they provide means to reach potential guests. Let’s assess the impact of smartphones on hotel reservations by looking at some significant figures and statistics.

Above all, we should underline the fact that, presently, 40% of all hotel reservations are made online. That is; out of 5 guests residing in your hotel today, at least one of them has booked their room online.

Online reservations are made primarily via computers. Reservation via smarthpones makes up only 8% of all online reservations today. However, the studies show that this low rate results are not from users, but from businesses.

Actually, 47% of all users begin making up their travel plans by using their smartphones. 60% of them use their smartphones to view hotel image galleries, 56% of them to post hotel information on social media sites, and 40% of them to read comments about the hotel they are interested in.

A large part of them, however, have to get on their pc to perform reservation transactions, as the hotel website is not compatible with mobile devices. According to the studies, having a website with mobile compatibility will lead by itself to a 10% increase in total number of reservations. It is expected that 32% of all hotel reservations will be made via smartphones in 2016.

Of course, the biggest beneficiary of increasing number of mobile reservations will be the businesses who take the earliest step in this regard. Therefore, we suggest that you meet HotelRunner before it is too late, so that you immediately begin enjoying countless advantages we can offer you, including mobile reservations.

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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