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Increase your sales with the “Value Pyramid” approach

The increasing usage of Internet has gradually reduced the use of brochures and promotional hotel booklets. Hotel customers are now able to check out where they will go on the Internet and book rooms within seconds for the dates of their choice.

Many hotels make use of digital channels both in promoting and marketing their properties. If you have the proper infrastructure, you can carry out all these activities easily without installing any software on your computer or having any technical knowledge, which might be the best aspect of this issue!

However, there is still an important issue you should know to increase online sales: The Value Pyramid…

What is the “Value Pyramid”?

The ‘Value Pyramid’ is a method providing efficient service for your customers and increasing sales when your staff members apply it correctly. ‘Value Pyramid’ consists of three stages where you classify your goals, services and rooms. Your ‘goals and position’ is at the bottom part, which is actually the largest part. The second part includes your ‘offers and services”, while the third one contains the ‘rooms’. The biggest mistake properties make while using this pyramid is that they unfortunately consider the part of ‘room sales’ as the biggest segment.

The bottom part: ‘Your goals and position'. The middle part: ‘Your offers and services; The top part: ‘Rooms.

The bottom part: ‘Your goals and position’. The middle part: ‘Your offers and services; The top part: ‘Rooms.

Providing service, not rooms

You can get started by asking some questions that will remind your guests that your property is not just a place that offers only rooms. For example, you can ask which services they would like to benefit from when they call you, thus they can see that your hotel is not just a place of accommodation, it is also a property with various services. Educating your staff members on the ‘Value Pyramid’ will enable them to ask the right questions when your customers call your property.

Selling rooms to your loyal customers

The pyramid will be a great help in identifying your loyal customers at the moment of conversation. This is beneficial because you will not have to explain your hotel’s offers and services over and over to your customers that already know them. What your loyal customers would generally demand is rooms they will book for between certain dates, so you can offer  your loyal customers the most beautiful vacant rooms to maintain their loyalty. Therefore, you can also increase the possibility that they will prefer you again in their future travels.

HotelRunner has everything you need

If you would like to apply the ‘Value Pyramid’ in your property, a quality infrastructure that will allow you to provide services online can facilitate the entire process. In addition to the promotion of your hotel on your website, your communication with your customers and your response to their suggestions and comments through the website will play a critical role in enhancing your service quality.

HotelRunner has all the features you need to promote your property online on the Internet in the most practical way. Just create your HotelRunner account to benefit from all these features and even more. Then all you have to do will be enjoying the increase in your sales…

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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