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Increasing your sales with the right timing on Twitter

As a popular microblog with millions of users worldwide, Twitter is a key platform to promote and market your hotel. Twitter is a pretty effective channel not only to share limited content with 140-character posts, but also to ensure your website and blog content reaches more people.

This being the case, it is often a topic of discussion to use Twitter more effectively and efficiently and studies are carried out in this subject. One of the most interesting studies in this is about the timing of tweets.

Can the timing of tweet be a significant detail that will help your agency make more sales through the Internet? Studies show that the answer to this question is yes.

Here are important tips you need to know about timing in Twitter marketing.

1. Acting based on your own data

You can start determining the best time for your Twitter posts by reviewing your tweets sent on different days and at different times.

First of all, it might be a good idea to know how often you would like to tweet daily. For instance, if you want to send 4 tweets a day, a good plan would be to publish these posts at different hours of the day. Then you can measure the traffic coming from Twitter to your website by using tools like Google Analytics. It would be good to understand when your posts are retweeted and replied to more on Twitter to determine the popularity of your tweets.

2. Measurement tools

You may utilize various tools to pinpoint the most effective timing for Twitter posts. Tweriod, one of these tools, determines the period when you can access the highest number of people by checking tweeting times of both you and your followers.

Followerwonk, which is another measurement tool, can analyze followers’ of your rivals or users you would like to know more elaborately. Therefore, you can easily determine the best posting time for you by analyzing your target audience, industry and rivals’ followers.

3. Study results

Results of studies on the right timing for Twitter posts may give you insight as well. For instance, studies suggest that company tweets posted on weekends have a 17 percent higher response rate. It is also suggested that tweets sent on about 05.00 pm on weekdays and Wednesdays give rise to a higher interaction than the other days and hours.

If you also want to attract more visitors to your agency and increase your sales, you can start choosing the right timing for your Twitter posts by using these tips. Create your HotelRunner account and start earning now before it is too late if you want to carry your agency to the Internet and take advantage in the competition by using social media and other digital marketing tools in the most effective way.

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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