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Internet is the primary source of reference for the travel plans of Turkish guests

In the last couple of years the advantages provided by the Internet have radically transformed the accommodation industry all over the world. Slowly abandoning traditional channels of promotion, marketing and sales that prove less effective compared to current alternatives, property managers have begun setting their eyes on the options provided by the Internet.

The same goes for Turkey. In Turkey, where Internet usage rates are considerably high, the accommodation industry is one of the earliest industries to discover digital marketing channels. However, there is still a lot to do.

A deeper awareness of customer habits is what the Turkish accommodation industry needs to benefit from the Internet more effectively and efficiently. As HotelRunner, we have collected the key details related to this subject.

For Turkish people, accommodation begins on the Internet

Research shows that over half of Turkish users take advantage of more than one travel opportunity annually. Allocating approximately 6 percent of their entire budget for travelling, about half of Turkish hotel guests prefer spending their holiday mostly in coastal regions.

The Internet is the first source Turkish users apply to for their traveling plans.  Particularly in regards to holiday plans, 80 percent of users are found to begin their travel research on the Internet. Also, Turkish people do not jump the gun when it comes to making traveling plans. Half of the users planning their travel program online start their research one or two weeks before their travel dates.

As the age group of users shift to younger ages, the number of those planning their holidays just before their travel increases.

The first source of information for guests: Website of your property

Turkish hotel guests first look at the website of hotels and the related information provided there before they decide where to stay at. According to research, 7 of every 10 guests spend time on the website of a property they plan to stay at.

However, guests give the priority to online travel agencies when it comes to package holidays. Almost half of Turkish guests prefer checking the websites of travel agencies to consider tour options.

Research shows that those making travel plans online spend 3 to 6 hours on the Internet for these plans.  Another online platform where guests spend their time the most in their search for a hotel is the websites of online travel agencies.

Comments are highly influential at the decision-making step

Comment sections are where guests will look at first as they navigate websites of online travel agencies. When they consider staying at a property for the first time, guests will check out online comments and ratings about that property more thoroughly.

These comments are highly influential at the decision-making step. Guests consider both the positive and negative comments and try to make their decision by reviewing the comments of other guests sharing similar expectations with them.

At this point, it can be argued that properties with a strong brand recognition and ability to reflect it on the Internet are less affected by negative comments. Although there are more negative criticisms than positive reviews, potential guests still want to visit the websites of highly reputable properties before making their final decision instead of opting them out.

Therefore, it is crucial for every property to have a powerful presence on the Internet in our era. If you also would like make your property present online and promote it on the Internet while accepting online bookings, the awarded platform of HotelRunner can meet all your needs. Create your account immediately and start earning now.

Cihan Coşkuntuncel

Director of Sales and Business Development

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