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Is Google Plus a useful marketing channel?

Having 150 million active users, of which 50 percent are daily visitors, Google Plus is among the key tools for social media marketing. Every Gmail user has a Google Plus account, which suggests that the number of new users discovering the channel will increase.

You can share content on Google Plus, while communicating with contacts you add to your circles through e-mail. If you add Google Plus to the social platforms you use for promoting your property, you can receive more traffic to your website and increase your income by accessing potential users of this network. It should definitely be noted that Google Plus has an advantage beyond other social networks when it comes to SEO.

What are the other benefits of Google Plus for the social marketing activities of your hotel? As HotelRunner, we have looked into the advantages of Google Plus.

1. The effect of SEO

Google is among the most significant sources of traffic to Internet sites. Your posts on Google Plus, which is a social media platform powered by Google, are likely to rank in the top search results, although details about Google search result algorithms are not shared.

2. Google Authorship

Authorship is a feature that allows your photo to be listed in search results once your Google Plus page is integrated with your website. Showing a small photo on the left hand side of the link displayed in Google search results, this feature has the potential to help you receive more traffic from search results since it will enable users to trust your site.

3. Knowledge graph

Knowledge graph is used to provide accurate results and more information about websites through Google for Internet users. In search results, it shows a screen right next to the website link showing a wide range of information. When the link next to the website link is clicked, extra information about that website is viewed.

A company needs to have a Google Plus page to take the advantage of this graphic. Also, companies using the graphic can ensure that their latest posts on Google Plus can be viewed. Therefore, you can inform users about your latest updates easily when they try to visit your hotel’s website by using search engine.

4. YouTube integration

You can ensure that more people view the YouTube videos you create for your property by posting them automatically on your Google Plus account. Posting your videos on a Google-powered platform might help you to be featured in the top search results, just like in the SEO effect.

5. Posting quality images

Posting images is one of the most effective ways to draw user attention. Google Plus allows you to share photos at a resolution not possible even on Facebook and Twitter, so that you can make the most of this effect. Contrary to other platforms, it does not automatically shrink your photos that exceed allowed dimensions, and enables you to arrange the sizes yourself.

Google Plus is a critical social network in terms of the digital marketing activities for your property. Presence on Google Plus can help you access potential customers through an effective social sharing platform and increase your income. HotelRunner can help you enable your property to take maximun advantage possible from social media channels. Create your HotelRunner account immediately and start earning now.

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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