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Is your agency ready for the challenges in social media management?

Social media marketing endeavors can provide a remarkable competitive advantage for your agency on the Internet. You can easily interact with your target audience on different social platforms and enhance your brand value and awareness. You can also encounter challenges while creating interaction between your agency and audiences.

These possible challenges can be categorized under 4 basic titles:

Creating content
Promoting content
Converting potential customers into customers
Building loyalty

These themes also represent the basic steps in the process of social media management. Each step consists of different strategic components. Let’s have a closer look at them if you would like to…

Creating content

Creating original content that can draw the attention of your existing and potential customers is critical for social media marketing. But it is demanding. At some point, always having to come up with new content may be tedious for the relevant staff members who would be deprived of new eye-catching themes. If there is only one person responsible for creating content and he/she has other responsibilities at the same time, this brings the risk of reduced efficiency. It is recommended to determine the social media content strategy of your agency beforehand and work in line with a weekly/monthly content calendar, in order to avoid such a problem.

Promoting content

Another problem that agencies may face during their social media marketing efforts is delivering content to target groups. At this stage, you better take into account the existence of your rivals. You should stand out among many online travel agencies in order for potential customers to choose you, so you should make use of the power of keywords. For instance, if you are an agency that focuses on culture tours, you can focus on vertical keywords like “culture tours” where you are more competent, rather than broader scopes like “travel” or “holiday”.

Turning potential customers into real customers

One of the common purposes of social media marketing is to turn the target audience you are interacting with into real customers. Your content can be high-quality. However, if you lack the skills to convert these words into actions, your followers will do nothing but only view your posts. Call-to-action (CTA) activities are among the most effective methods to take your interaction one step ahead. CTA is use of content elements such as texts, voice, graphic elements, etc. for the purposes of a specific conversion rate. Aiming to urge visitors to, let’s say, book, create membership, etc., CTAs have a great impact on converting potential customers into real customers.

Building loyalty

Say that you have achieved all your interaction and transformation goals by setting a steadfast strategy. But social media still plays a role here: You can think about carrying out a specific customer loyalty program through your existing accounts. Maintaining your communication with your customers through social media and having a one-to-one communication when conditions allow is important for customer relations management on the Internet. Maintaining new deals and campaigns can be helpful for you to remain in your customers’ minds as a brand, and for them to prefer you once again in the upcoming seasons.

Having an effective content marketing strategy on social media also has specific challenges. However, the hints we have shared can help you in turning these challenges into opportunities and increasing the number of bookings for your online agency. Things will become much easier for you with a website that has offers like social promotions and mobile booking options. Besides, these are just the two of the advantages offered by HotelRunner.  Create your account now to benefit from all the advantages offered by HotelRunner.

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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