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Is your agency ready for the industry’s future?

What is awaiting the travel industry in the future? Considering the last decade, we have observed that public relations and marketing approaches have changed along with technology and consumer habits. The increase in the number of online bookings provide a wide range of alternatives for users while they plan their holiday. Customer relations are shifted to a different dimension as social media becomes widespread. When it comes to shaping the future of the traveling industry, mobility seems to have a more determining role.

Expectations from traveling have been changing and evolving with the new generation: They now want to experience more things in a shorter time. This new approach brings new responsibilities for managers and employees in the industry. How can new trends affect your work? Let’s take a look at it together.

More mobility

Mobile technologies, which have a major place in the lives of most of us, have considerably changed the face of travel agencies. Online travel agencies without a mobile-compatible website can be considered to lose a great potential in terms of customers. Mobility will become more important as wearable technologies will become more widespread in the future. It can be concluded that mobile devices will become an integral part of the traveling industry while people will increasingly prefer paying through mobile devices.

Planning in a shorter time

The development of mobile technologies decrease the time to plan travels just as they do when it comes to accessing information and services. Therefore, it is critical for online agencies to offer a design approach which enables users to decide more easily on their website. Planning their travels in the last minute with mobile devices and prioritizing their personal needs by using next-gen planning tools, the young user group does not waste a single moment.

A more flexible approach

Mobile and customization are two overlapping terms. Travelers are always on the move to plan things with the desire to experience as many as unforgettable memories as possible along the way. Therefore, specialists state that ready made tour and holiday packages do not have a bright future. This is expected to become more visible in near future. Online agencies have a great responsibility in making the traveling experience flexible and customizable.

Seamless communication

Being online is on the top of the personal needs list of next-gen guests. These active users can share with friends their travel experiences, complaints and positive experiences on social media instantly. It is a fundamental requirement for online travel agencies to use and manage social media effectively and properly. For the upcoming years, it is possible to conclude that agencies in constant communication with their customers on social media and taking advantage of mobile devices in “one-to-one” communication will benefit from competition.

Communication and interaction seems to become more important in the future. Your customers expect you to keep in touch with them and help them customize their traveling experiences as an online agency. HotelRunner can help you increase your property’s online sales with integrated mobile booking features and social media applications. Create your account immediately and don’t be late to discover the great advantages HotelRunner can offer for your agency!

Cihan Coşkuntuncel

Director of Sales and Business Development

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