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Let Carousel powered by Google take your property one step further

When Google was founded in 1998, it was only a search engine. 5 years later, in 2003, it launched its advertising service. It was followed by many other Google services, all of which were developed rapidly and with more diversity.

Currently, Google boasts more than 100 services and tools. Some of them are of particular concern to the accommodation industry. For instance, Google Carousel was announced a short while ago and now acts as a significant innovation for any type of accommodation property, thanks to its structure maximizing visuality and presenting review-oriented search results.

What is Google Carousel? How does it work and why is it important for hotel marketing?

Google’s new display of search results provides on top of the page additional information related to specified search attempts. This section also presents local restaurants, bars and hotels covered under the search in a special layout.

 Google Carousel

Google has rolled out Carousel so that users can easily find refreshment and accommodation alternatives within the searched territory, and this feature applies especially to the search attempts made by typing a geographical location. To be more specific, once users type the keyword “hotel” along with the location of your property, they can see all the properties within that location, together with the photos and their review scores, via Carousel which is placed on top of the search results’ page. And the map on the right displays locations of properties listed on Carousel.

However, as you can see from the screenshot above, the number of places Carousel shows is limited. Similar to how Google displays the results on the top ranks once it considers them to be highly related to the search, Carousel is designed in a way to show the most related properties and uses a special algorithm to this end.




If you also would like to have presence on Google Carousel and access your potential guests going through accommodation alternatives, check the following three critical aspects Google takes into account and you need to know.

1- Photos

When it comes to search results Google places an increasing emphasis on photos, especially on platforms like Carousel, where photos have a direct impact. Therefore, Google should be able to access at least one high-definition photo of your property through Google Hotel Finder or another source.

2- A vast number of positive reviews

Another point Google puts emphasis on is how your property is perceived by your guests. If the number of comments/reviews about you is high on OTAs and review sites, you will have more chance to be featured on Carousel especially if they are positive.

3- Detailed info about the property

First of all, your property needs to have a website. It is also important to have a Google+ page and to be present on Google Hotel Finder and other online services because Google checks your contact information on these channels and allows only those with detailed information to be listed on Carousel.

Offering all the features you need to accept direct online bookings, HotelRunner also helps you have presence on Google Carousel and other free of charge online services in the most proper way, and contributes to the efficiency of your sales and promotion activities. Just create your account for free now to see the offers by HotelRunner that is specially designed for the accommodation industry.

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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