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Let Instagram promote your hotel

It is not possible to express certain things with words or texts. Those things should be seen instead. Instagram is one of the most effective social media tools you can use to deliver the best images of your property to millions of users and promote your hotel for free.

If you plan to use Instagram to promote your property, you should begin by photographing the most splendid and interesting sections of your hotel. This is because the users that are used to a visual feast on Instagram might not be easily satisfied with the ordinary photos of your property. Actually, they literally would like to see enchanting photos.

How should you use Instagram to promote your property in the most effective way and what type of photos should you share? Here are the answers to all these questions.

Let Instagram promote your hotelSocial media rating: The number of followers
The number of followers matter a lot for companies that use social media as a marketing tool, since people whom you can access through social networks are limited to your followers. This applies to Instagram as well. Followers who like the photos and videos of your property can actually start bonding with you, while promoting your hotel at the same time.

Try to capture the most natural state of your property
You can share on Instagram the photos of your hotel taken from different angles. However, there are some points that you should consider while sharing your photos. One of the most commonly-made mistakes while photographing the property is overlooking its natural aspects due to negligence or extreme aesthetic concerns. Instead, sharing photos that show the most natural aspects of your hotel, such as photos of your guests swimming in the pool, having dinner at the restaurant or just enjoying some coffee peacefully, will carry your property one step ahead of its competition.

Remember your staff members!
Your guests can witness your service quality and the customer satisfaction it brings only if they stay at your hotel and experience these at first hand. However, if you share images of your motivated staff members and their satisfied guests, your followers on social media that have not stayed at your hotel yet will also be informed about this experience. Therefore, the interest you arouse will be indicative of a great experience awaiting your potential guests should they choose to stay at your property.

Attractions around your hotel
In addition to the photos of your hotel, you should also feature beautiful photos of nearby attractions that can captivate your guests. Take photos of historical attractions surrounding you, the seascape or the fascinating sunset. It will not take a long time before Instagram users begin to discover these natural beauties. A short text would do fine to crown attractions’ photos that are taken with the right lighting and angle. This way, you will be noticed by many followers. While doing so, try to share charming photos of the less-known places within the city or surroundings if possible so that you can keep the interest of followers at the highest.

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Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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