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Let your guests promote your hotel with social coupons

Marketing is a vital process for every hotel. More often than not, marketing activities are limited to the budget and labor you can allocate for marketing. If your marketing budget is low or your relevant personnel is not sufficient, gaining the highest leverage from your work would not, unfortunately, be at all times possible.

No matter how limited the sources you can allocate for marketing are, you do have a secret tool to promote your hotel and access more guests: Social Coupons.

The role of social media in marketing is undisputable. However, social media marketing consists mostly of your work aimed at your target guest categories. With social coupons, though, it is possible to carry the effect of social media marketing to a higher level.

But how? Here is what you need to know about the social coupon model, a unique social marketing system offered by HotelRunner:

The most outstanding feature of social media coupons is that they enable your guests to promote your hotel on social media. By this method you can offer your guests visiting your web site to share their reservation info with their friends, either during online reservation or just before checking out your web site, and to get discounts.

You do not need to have specific technical know-how to use the social coupon model, which operates in an integrated way with your online reservation module. Therefore, you can easily help your guests interested in discounts announce the transaction immediately to friends. Your guest not only introduces your hotel to friends, but also invites them to your hotel, thanks to such announcement.

The flexible discount engine, where you can set at which intervals, how many times and for which rooms your social coupons may be used, also enables you to verify the social coupons only under the conditions you prefer.

Thanks to the announcement, which also includes your website link, displayed by your guests’ Facebook friends or Twitter followers, you can access new users who get to know your website, click the link and eventually make reservations.

Have a look at HotelRunner’s features for further information about the social coupons which operate thanks to its automatic structure without any additional marketing budget or labour.

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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