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Leverage the power of viral content when promoting and marketing your property

If you are spending some time on social networks, you must have heard of the concept of viral content. Viral basically means “spreading like a virus” and this word pretty much explains the purpose of viral content: When a post related to marketing and promotions is spread among users and its effects go beyond its original media, it means that such content has become viral. So, which factors increase your content’s potential to become viral?

Currently, users are exposed to huge loads of content. Hundreds and thousands of images and written content are posted on social media as content. Viral content, that can stand out among this chaos of messaging is precious.

You can increase the viral potential of the content you prepare for your property by noting the tips we have collected.

Find your target audience

To create a viral effect, a post should have interesting content for your target audience. For example, if your property has more business travelers, your content can be about the business world. Or if your guest portfolio consists mostly of retired couples, you should post something with a related theme. Therefore, your target audience should be able to find something familiar in your posts.

Stand out with your content

As mobile devices become more popular, users’ attention span has decreased. Therefore, your posts should be visibly catchy, which is as critical as the content idea. You should create concise messages as much as possible in terms of both the content and the title. This way, you can eliminate the technical limitations of channels and platforms, while creating a feeling of curiosity among users. Using images to the extent your social network allows you to will bring you great advantages.

Evoke the feelings of users

The common feature of viral posts is that they can evoke a certain feeling among users: Contagious feelings like happiness, excitement, astonishment and anger drive other users to post and share in social networks. The effect of your post is determined by its speed to drive the feelings of users, user’s relations with the subject and the post’s length. If these three factors are combined in harmony with each other, the viral effect of a post increases accordingly.

Posting at the right time in the right place

Finally, you should share your posts on social networks with the highest potential of bearing your target audience. Also, you can review user statistics to determine when these social networks are used actively the most. Your efforts might be in vain especially if you post on social networks with real-time information flow during the hours when the site traffic becomes less.

Viral marketing is a demanding strategy, but you will reap great results with it in a short time. Besides, it helps you reduce your advertising costs as the spread is organic. Viral content can be among the easiest methods to increase your property’s online bookings with some effort. HotelRunner makes it possible to create quality content for social platforms, web and mobile channels as well as manage all your sales and booking channels through a single inventory. Create your HotelRunner account now to increase your online bookings and manage your loyalty programs in the best way and much more…

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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