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Methods to improve your TripAdvisor ranking

“Visibility” is the most essential aspect of being on the Internet.  The secret to achieve this visibility lies in ensuring that your hotel and services are featured in the top results of search engines. Many companies engaged in the accommodation industry are currently in a fierce competition to be featured in the top results of TripAdvisor, which is considered to be “the Google of travel sites”.

This is because high ranking means more visitors to your website and more booking traffic to agencies, which translates to increased demand for your rooms and services.  The rest is just turning these demands into sales. So, how can you create these demands?

The key to be featured in the top results of TripAdvisor is, above all, to provide good service quality for guests so that they will post positive comments. Surpassing guest expectations with your quality of service will enable you a privilege not just on TripAdvisor, but also on all review channels. As put by a TripAdvisor official, the secret to achieve this is actually to be aware that there is no such secret.  That is, hospitality sells and wins.

As HotelRunner we will share with you some necessary tips to convey a smart appearance on TripAdvisor.

Quality service

When it comes to rankings, your hotel’s service quality is of top priority to many guests who travel often. Guests experiencing and enjoying a high-quality service make positive comments on many channels, particularly on social media. Fine details, little surprises and the attention of staff members are among the most effective factors leading guests to make positive comments about your property.

Being loyal to your brand

Each hotel has its own vision and mission. On TripAdvisor, it is possible to see as many success stories of well-run, corporate identity-conscious, small-scale hotels as those of powerful hotel chains that provide the most luxurious of services.  You should always consider this fact, particularly in your efforts to create guest loyalty, and show efforts to ensure your guests are not disappointed.

The importance of teamwork

Effective teamwork is another method to be preferred and featured in the top results of TripAdvisor. Many guests visiting your hotel might seem to be there for the services and facilities you offer; however, they would appreciate it if they were treated well by a friendly and committed team,whom they can recommend to their close friends.

Taking comments into account

It is crucial for your page to be regularly updated with new comments so that you can maintain your position in the top results. The comments dates are among the top criteria for TripAdvisor’s results, so if the latest comments on your website date back to months ago, you might lag far behind by a rival who received a comment just a week ago. The number of positive and negative comments your receive is another variant taken into account by TripAdvisor. If 99 of 100 comments you receive are negative, it will be impossible for your property to be featured in the top results. Therefore, we suggest you to care about your guests’ comments and strive for changing negative comments into positive for the sake of your hotel’s reputation.

Announcing your services

On TripAdvisor, it becomes easier to claim higher ranks when you share your services with your guests. The issues attracting negative comments often include costly Wi-Fi, poor room services and extra costs, on top of others. So, you should make sure to be always clear about what you provide and its costs. Disappointing your guests due to shortcomings in your services or unexpected costs that incur later are considered as experiences damaging your property’s reputation.

For properties intending to become worldwide reknown hotels, TripAdvisor can pave the way for even more sales than you can imagine. There is nothing preventing your property from standing out on TripAdvisor if you maximize your service quality, perform teamwork in a close knit environment, respond to guest comments and manage your presence on TripAdvisor properly.

As HotelRunner, we provide services for many hotels and support companies in featuring their websites in the top results of organic searches.  Just create your account and turn time into an advantage to claim your share on a professional platform which will respond to all of your questions.

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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